Sorrow and Starlight (Zodiac Academy #8) – Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti

Genre: Fantasy, Bully Romance
Publisher: Independently Published
Pages: 1266
Release Date: December 11, 2022

All stars must fall.

Bloody, lost, broken. We live to fight another day. But with so much stolen from us, can the fates ever twist in our favour again?

My sister and I have been torn apart by shadows and despair, and now we each stand alone.

Our sorrow is spun like a web, trapping us tight, and I fear our enemies will soon come to feast upon our souls.

But if I have my way, the merciless sky will have dealt us its final fortune. It’s time for us to take back the power that’s been ripped from our grasp and turn the tide of this war.

All stars must fall, and all Phoenixes must rise.

Long live the Savage Queens.

*This will now be book 8 of 9 in the series*


DNF @ 56%

I’m going to keep this review brief since I only read 56%.

Honestly, when the authors made the announcement that Sorrow and Starlight wouldn’t be the final book in the Zodiac Academy series, I was disappointed. I was excited for this series to finish on a bittersweet note because, let’s be honest, Peckman and Valenti know how to test their characters. 

I had two major issues with Sorrow and Starlight that contributed me to DNF’ing the novel. The first issue is the slow pace of the novel. The novel picks up immediately after its predecessor, so readers watch in real time as the characters process what happened at the end of Heartless Sky. Usually, I would enjoy this kind of character development, but being 8 books in, it’s not necessary. 

The second issue is the 19 POVs. Tertiary characters now have a POV that could have been a single sentence is one of the main characters’ POV. Every time I found some momentum reading, it would come to a crashing halt with an unnecessary POV.

I think fatigue also contributed to my inability to finish Sorrow and Starlight. The series is now unnecessarily long with a lot of filler and repetitive, unnecessary, and unrealistic sex scenes.

Overall, Sorrow and Starlight was the final nail in the coffin for my love of Zodiac Academy. I couldn’t get past the slow pace and the unnecessary POV chapters, so I will not be continuing this series.


Have you read Sorrow and Starlight? What did you think?

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