Quarterly Subscription Box Review

After my awful experience dealing with Quarterly’s customer service and receiving the actual box, I would NEVER recommend this subscription for purchase. In order to understand my very negative feelings about this subscription box, allow me to transport you on my frustrating and disappointing journey. 

This all began on April 23rd when Quarterly had a sale on their past boxes for 35$ plus 20$ shipping to Canada. I immediately jumped on the sale because I was dying to read the annotated version of A World Without You by Beth Revis (if you haven’t read her Across the Universe trilogy, DO IT!). By the following Friday, I still hadn’t received shipping information so I contacted their customer service. They told me international orders are sent out on Wednesdays. No problem. So, the following Wednesday passes and I still hadn’t received shipping information. So, I contacted them again and was told how sorry they were and they were assuring me that the package would be shipped out that Friday. Friday comes and goes and I still hadn’t received shipping information. I contacted them again and didn’t receive an answer until the following Monday where they confirmed that my package was sent Monday evening. At this point, almost three weeks had passed since I ordered the box.

I finally received the box and was completely disappointed. After paying 76$ Canadian plus a 10.75$ brokerage fee, I firmly believe this subscription box is a total WASTE OF MONEY. It may not be as expensive if you’re American, shipping in America, and paying with American money, but for us Canadians, this box is an utter waste of money.

All of that aside, if I would have received the box in a timely matter I would still not recommend it for purchase. The price does not justify what’s actually in the box.

The contents of the box include:
A letter from Beth Revis
A signed Beth Revis sticker
A hardcover copy of A World Without You

A softcover copy of Belzhar 
A softcover copy of The End of Something Like That
An Emily Dickinson blank card
A magnetic cord that holds pictures.

This may seem like a lot, but, in reality, the extra stuff doesn’t amount to much. 

So, pictured below are the box and its contents.


IMG_4520The letter from Beth Revis

Signed sticker

Magnetic photo holder

Emily Dickinson card and stickers




Annotations in A World Without You

4 thoughts on “Quarterly Subscription Box Review

  1. Are those literal post it notes stuck in there? Sheesh. I was expecting added footnotes or something. What happens when the post it notes lose their stick and fall off in three days!

      1. Yeah my desk at work is covered in unstuck post it notes. Because I’m terribly disorganized. I just know even when you don’t touch them they lose their stick. Not meant for long term use.

        Also I pity the person whose job it was to put them in the pages.

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