The Book Hookup Subscription Box Review

A couple of weeks ago I finally received my Fantasy Book Hookup Subscription Box from The Strand, a bookstore in New York City. Having been to NYC last year and experiencing the glory that is The Strand I just HAD to purchase their Fantasy based subscription box. 

I’ve always been fascinated by subscription boxes and love watching unboxing, but I’ve only purchased two for myself.
One, the Quarterly Subscription Box which no long exists (see my review here for a review of experience. Spoiler: it wasn’t good, no wonder they are not longer in business).
Two, the Indigo Book Box: Cassandra Clare. Check out my review here! I mainly purchased this box for the signed copy of Queen of Air and Darkness and the mug because that quote is one of my favourites. 

Which brings me to The Book Hookup Subscription Box…. 

I paid 80$ CAD after shipping and exchange making this a very expensive box. I purchased the box before finding out what the featured book was, The Ten Thousand Doors of January. I’ve seen mixed reviews, so I’m not too excited about this one. I’m waiting until January to read it HA!

So. without further ado…. Here are the items in the box.

the book hookup box

the book hookup socks

IMG_2154If anyone lives in NYC or around and wants this code, let me know!





Bottom line. Would I recommend this subscription box? No. Absolutely not.


Have you purchased the The Book Hookup Subscription Box?
What did you think?
Which subscription box do you think is worth the money?




8 thoughts on “The Book Hookup Subscription Box Review

  1. Wow, that is SUPER overpriced. I’m sorry it’s so hard to get subscriptions boxes in Canada. I used to subscribe to Quarterly and actually loved some of their boxes, but even here in the US I thought they were VERY overpriced. I can’t imagine living in Canada and having to pay even more.

  2. Ugh!!! $80 CAD for THAT?! Sheesh. The Hike looks intriguing though. I’m sorry you aren’t excited about Ten Thousand Doors. I did very much enjoy it, but I don’t think it’s for anyone. Just don’t expect to see Ten Thousand actual doors. I think that’s where the disappointment is coming in.

    Also- I’ve always been baffled by the subscription boxes. It seems fun, the surprise and the swag, but what it really seems like it amounts to is: really expensive clutter, and books you paid too much for and might not want. I just don’t see myself ever purchasing one unfortunately. Maybe if I had lots of expendable income. I don’t know.

    1. I am cautiously optimistic about The Hike and I’m hoping Ten Thousand Doors blows me away.
      Expensive clutter is the perfect way to describe them. The people who are reps are liars! Haha.

      Though, I did order the illumicrate box for the 10th year anniversary for The Clockwork Angel. That edition is gorgeous. My own fault if the box is garbage 🙄.

      1. Haha! That was also supposed to say Ten Thousand Doors is not for *every* one, not anyone.

        If you get a special edition- that’s one thing, but the clutter I can’t cope with. I saw one unboxing video where the girls who opened it received special tarot cards and i Just remembered thinking- but there’s only two- What do you do with them? Looks like something you would just throw out in the end.

      2. Hahaha wow two cards 🙄
        I seen an unboxing where someone said they would throw out or giveaway most of the stuff in the box then proceeded to recommend it anyway. I think it’s best to take those opinions with a grain of salt.

  3. I actually only seen positive reviews for that book hahaha I do hope it ends up blowing your mind somehow though. Especially after having had to pay that much for this box. I hate how we can’t get a decent one within Canada, honestly. 😦

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