The Private Eye – Brian K. Vaughan


3 star

Genre: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Panel Syndicate

Welcome to Panel Syndicate, where artist Marcos Martin and writer Brian K. Vaughan deliver original comics directly to readers around the world, who pay whatever the hell they want for each DRM-free issue. Our first new storyline is THE PRIVATE EYE, a forward-looking mystery we created with colorist Muntsa Vicente. Set in a future where privacy is considered a sacred right and everyone has a secret identity, The Private Eye is a serialized sci-fi detective story for mature readers.

The Private Eye is a story about a futuristic world that banned the Internet after the Cloud burst and everyone’s information and secrets were leaked. The story follows a P.I. as he reluctantly investigates a murder.

What I liked most about this graphic novel was the depiction of the futuristic world. It didn’t feel so futuristic that it’s difficult to believe as realistic. What truly made this world great was the grandpa with tattoos. He was the individual they went to for information about past technology. He had me laughing every time he was featured in the panels.

The story was okay. It kept me entertained during my shift at work, but that’s about it. Will I pick up volume two? Maybe, but probably not.

The illustrations are bright and clean. I love these types of illustrations. It reminds me of Saga. So if you like Saga’s illustrations, you’ll enjoy these ones.

Overall, The Private Eye was an okay story that kept me entertained at work. I probably will not continue reading the other volume because the characters and story didn’t capture my undivided attention.


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