The Pact – Karina Halle


DNF @ 64%

This book offers nothing new, clever, exciting, or funny to the romance genre. The characters are decent at best, the story is generic, and the writing style does nothing to improve the faults.

The Pact is a friends to lovers novel that has no consistent chemistry or spark. There are a few small moments at the beginning of the novel that are fun and interesting, but the novel quickly falls to ruin as the characters realize their feelings for each other. The novel collapses into a checklist of moments that need to be hit upon to make a romance story. There are plot lines that are emphasized in the moment, but are then left on the wayside and never mentioned again.

Overall, The Pact was an absolute disappointment. The characters lacked chemistry, the story lacked substance, and the writing lacked the skills to realize a friends to lovers story.


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