Science Fiction Recommendations!

Welcome to the next instalment in my book recommendations series!┬áIf you missed my previous post, non-fiction, mystery/thriller, and romance recommendations, you can click the links to check them out. This week my recommendations are entered around science fiction novels! I tried to pick novels that were in different subcategories within the science fiction genre. Clicking … Continue reading Science Fiction Recommendations!

Best Books of 2016

These are my picks for the best books of 2016. They're in no particular order and I didn't include any books I reread. 2016 was a great reading year! I managed to read a lot more books than I did last year and I read a lot more books out of my comfort zone. Did … Continue reading Best Books of 2016

Story of Your Life – Ted Chiang

Story of Your Life is a mind-blowing short story that is sure to alter the way you perceive the world and think about language. Story of Your Life follows a linguist who is assigned to decode the language of the aliens who have shown up on earth unexpectedly. The entire story unfolds as she makes … Continue reading Story of Your Life – Ted Chiang