Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive #4) – Brandon Sanderson

Genre: FantasyPublisher: TorPages: 1230Release Date: November 27, 2020 The eagerly awaited sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Oathbringer, from an epic fantasy writer at the top of his game.After forming a coalition of human resistance against the enemy invasion, Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant have spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. … Continue reading Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive #4) – Brandon Sanderson

Dawnshard (The Stormlight Archive #3.5) – Brandon Sanderson

Genre: FantasyPublisher: Dragonsteel Entertaiment Pages: 208Release Date: November 5, 2020 < From Brandon Sanderson—author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Stormlight Archive and its fourth massive installment, Rhythm of War—comes a new hefty novella, Dawnshard. Taking place between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War, this tale (like Edgedancer before it) gives often-overshadowed characters their own … Continue reading Dawnshard (The Stormlight Archive #3.5) – Brandon Sanderson

WWW Wednesday | August 19, 2020

“Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived on Taking on a World of Words. Just answer the three questions below and leave a link to your post in the comments for others to look at. No blog? No problem! Just leave a comment with your responses. Please, … Continue reading WWW Wednesday | August 19, 2020

White Sand Vol. 3 – Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin

Genre: Fantasy, Graphic novel Pages: 160 Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Release Date: September 18, 2019 Underpowered and overwhelmed, Kenton tries to hold the Sand Masters together as forces political and personal conspire against them. Now, in one final push, Kenton must tap the most dangerous depths of his own abilities to combat the enemies within his … Continue reading White Sand Vol. 3 – Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag | 2019

  Hello everyone! The original creators are Read Like Wildfire and Earl Grey Books. Watch their original videos: Read Like Wildfire & Earl Grey Books This is one of my favourite tags to do. It’s a great way to look back on my reading trends and orient for myself for the rest of the year. So far this year … Continue reading Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag | 2019

Cosmere Book Tag

Happy Friday! I found this book tag on done by Sam on Will Read For Booze and I just had to do it! I'm a huge fan of everything Brandon Sanderson. It was originally created by Shelby at Read and Find Out. 1. Elantris: Name a book where magic fails its people 2. Mistborn: Fave ragtag gang … Continue reading Cosmere Book Tag

Waiting on Wednesday #72

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly post created by Breaking the Spine that features anticipated books. Following the loss of most of his colleagues in a violent ambush, Kenton has become Lord Mastrell of the few remaining Sand Masters, magicians who can manipulate sand to do their bidding. With the ruling council poised against him, the hot-headed … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday #72

Words of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson

    Genre: Fantasy  Publisher: Gollancz Return to a planet swept by apocalyptic storms, a world tipping into war as aristocratic families move to control the shard blades and shard plates, ancient artifacts from a past civilisation that can win wars. As the world tips into a war for control of the mythical artifacts of power … Continue reading Words of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson

The Way of Kings Part 1 – Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Fantasy Publisher: Gollancz  SPEAK AGAIN THE ANCIENT OATHS, LIFE BEFORE DEATH. STRENGTH BEFORE WEAKNESS. JOURNEY BEFORE DESTINATION. AND RETURN TO MEN THE SHARDS THEY ONCE BORE. THE KNIGHTS RADIANT MUST STAND AGAIN. Roshar is a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have … Continue reading The Way of Kings Part 1 – Brandon Sanderson

Warbreaker – Brandon Sanderson

  This is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses. Theirs is a world in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren's capital city. A world transformed by a power based on an essence known as breath. Using magic is arduous as … Continue reading Warbreaker – Brandon Sanderson