Authority (Southern Reach #2) – Jeff VanderMeer

What a complete and utter disappointment. I absolutely loved the first novel, Annihilation, so I went into the second with high expectations. Unfortunately, those expectations were demolished. Authority picks up almost immediately after Annihilation with a new main character that goes by the name Control. He’s appointed as the director of Southern Reach and is … Continue reading Authority (Southern Reach #2) – Jeff VanderMeer

Annihilation (Southern Reach #1) – Jeff VanderMeer

What? What did I just read? Annihilation is mind boggling and twisted and freighting and disturbing.   This book is incredibly hard to review because of its weird story. Four women are sent into an area called Area X that has popped up with no explanation. The entire area is shrouded in mystery and you … Continue reading Annihilation (Southern Reach #1) – Jeff VanderMeer