The Mistletoe Bet – Maren Moore

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Independently Published
Pages: 131
Release Date: November 1, 2022

Everyone says “there’s no place like home”… well not for me.

When I’m forced to spend the holidays at home with my family in Strawberry Hollow, I have no idea how I’m even going to survive the week, let alone make it through my least favorite holiday… Christmas.

That is until I run into my childhood crush, and my brother’s best friend, Parker Grant.
Now, he’s the sexy, off-limits doctor in our small town, and nothing like the man I left behind six years ago.

While I hate the holidays, there is nothing that he loves more.
Well, other than a good bet.
Which is exactly what happens when we end up together under the mistletoe.
A bet that changes everything.

He asks for the next seven days to change my mind about Christmas.
But seven days alone with Parker is more than either of us bargained for.
Now, there’s much more at stake than a silly mistletoe bet.


The Mistletoe Bet is a quick and fun Christmas read, but bit off more than it could chew.

Quinn goes home for the holidays expecting to not have a good time because of family drama, but she’s pleasantly surprised when her brother’s best friend convinces her to let him make her fall in love with Christmas again.

The reason I rated the novel three stars instead of four is the family drama that Moore included. The family drama was surface level and only wasted time that would have been better spent on Quinn and Parker.

I loved the few flashbacks that were included in The Mistletoe Bet as they helped further build Quinn and Parker’s chemistry. I wish there would have been a few more.

Overall, The Mistletoe Bet is a quick and spicy Christmas read with some fire hot scenes wrapped in Christmas goodness. 


Have you read The Mistletoe Bet? What did you think?

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