Bring Him to His Knees – Musyc

Genre: Romance
Publisher: AO3
Pages: 566
Release Date: 2021-06-05

Draco is on the case of a murderer, but to investigate, he needs a fake relationship – and a kink club play partner. When Hermione volunteers to take the role, both do their best to maintain the lie without letting each other know the truth: neither of them are acting.

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Bring Him to His Knees follows Hermione and Draco as they work at the Ministry and team up on a murder mystery case where Draco needs a partner to investigate the local sex club.

Fake dating is one of my favourite tropes, so a Dramione fake dating story was perfect for my second foray into the Dramione fanfic world. 

One of my biggest complaints with fanfiction so far is the length. I find them to be indulgently long and this is probably due to the piecemeal way the stories are released on AO3. Bring Him to His Knees is no exception. Musyc spends a lot of time developing Hermione and Draco as individuals, partners, and then together in a relationship. This progression is slow yet oh so delicious and full of angst. 

The murder mystery was engaging at the beginning of the novels; however, Musyc puts it on the backburner to focus on Draco and Hermione’s developing relationship and their interactions at the sex club. Consent is very important throughout the novel making the sex club scenes feel safe.

There was a plot point that could have been a novel on its own that I would have read as it dealt with Draco’s initiation into the Death Eaters.

Overall, Bring Him to His Knees is an excellent Dramione fanfiction with a whole lot of angst and an engaging mystery, even if it drops off a bit in the middle.


Have you read Bring Him to His Knees? What did you think?

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