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Hello everyone!

If you missed my first post detailing my experience binding book one of All the Young Dudes, check it out HERE!

Book two was much easier to bind, however I did have to restart because the green paper I chose for the hardcover ripped as I was folding it over the chipboard.

You can follow along with my book binding journey in real time through my Instagram: Nadine’s Book Bindery.


If you seen my last post then you know my chapter header was a little more intricate than this one. For Book Two I wanted to try something a little more minimalistic.

I liked the idea of the header representing The Marauders on full moon nights as they defer to Lupin as their leader.



Like I mentioned in my last post, used Hammermill Colored Paper, 20 lb Ivory Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 paper. You don’t have to buy any special paper to print a book, but I wanted the cream coloured paper because I thought it would match the book.



Now that I’ve got my technique down, sewing is one of my favourite parts. It’s relaxing and I throw on a movie in the background.

Sneak peak at Book Three!


Final Product

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