Misfit (Prep #1) – Elle Kennedy

Genre: Romance, New Adult
Publisher: Independently Published
Pages: 432
Release Date: June 28, 2022

Finding out your mom is marrying some rich dude you’ve never met is enough to make any eighteen-year-old guy’s head spin. But for RJ SHAW, it only gets worse: he’s being sent to Sandover Prep for senior year. If there’s one place a misfit hacker like RJ doesn’t belong, it’s an ivy-covered all-boys boarding school for rich delinquents.

RJ knows his stay at Sandover will be temporary. Which means there’s no point making friends or trying to fit in. But the plan to remain antisocial goes awry when he meets a gorgeous girl in the woods on campus. SLOANE TRESSCOTT is pure temptation, with a sharp tongue and an ice princess attitude RJ’s determined to crack. Except there’s a catch. Sloane is the one girl he is forbidden from touching.

The headmaster’s daughter.

Good thing RJ doesn’t believe in rules. Sure, Sloane insists she’s swearing off guys this year, but their connection is impossible to deny. He wants her bad, and he’s going to win her over if it kills him.

Unless her ex-boyfriend kills him first.

DUKE, the ruling king of Sandover, will stop at nothing to get rid of his competition. Luckily, RJ’s unwittingly made some friends—his new stepbrother FENN, a pretty boy with a self-destructive streak; LAWSON, self-proclaimed agent of chaos; and SILAS, the All-American Good Guy who can’t actually be as nice as he seems.

If RJ wants to survive prep school and win Sloane’s heart, he’ll need to adapt—and fast.


Misfit is a mature prep school romance following multiple perspectives with a little bit of mystery. I picked up Misfit without reading the synopsis because it’s Elle Kennedy and I’m glad I went in without any preconceived notions. 

Misfit is told from multiple perspectives. At the beginning of the novel I thought there were too many perspectives, however after I quickly learned all the characters and appreciated all the storylines Kennedy set up. The main characters of the novel, RJ and Sloane, have a forbidden romance with Sloane playing hard to get. Their banter was sexy and fun as they traded barbs while fighting their attraction. Their angst is truly palpable

Like I mentioned previously, I didn’t think I would like the other perspectives, Fenn, Silas, and Lawson, however I found myself quickly invested in Fenn’s daddy issues, Silas’ unrequited love, and Lawson’s truly raunchy behavior.

Under all the rich kids drama and debauchery, there’s the beginning of a little mystery with Sloane’s little sister. While this plotline takes a backseat for most of the novel, it slowly develops behind the scenes until an explosive reveal at the end of the novel. I wouldn’t call the reveal a cliffhanger, but I will say I’m very excited to get my hands on the sequel.

Overall, Misfit is a drama and angst filled romance in a prep school setting. The multiple perspectives may seem like the story has no direction, but Kennedy weaves an entertaining story rife with drama, romance, and violence.


Have you read Misfit? What did you think?

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