All the Young Dudes – Book Three: ‘Til the End – MsKingBean89

Genre: Fantasy, Fanfiction
Publisher: Independently Published, AO3
Pages: 327
Release Date: 2018

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MsKingBean’s “All The Young Dudes” has been divided into three volumes. This third book covers… the end.


All the Young Dudes Book Three is utterly heartbreaking and soul crushing in all the best ways. I’ve seen in another review something along the lines of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wishes she could have written All the Young Dudes, and I can’t help but agree. MsKingBean89 captured the essence of this world and the characters perfectly. All the Young Dudes will forever be canon to me.

Book Three follows The Marauders during their time with The Order of the Phoenix. The entire book is rife with emotion, but these war chapters are particularly difficult to read as MsKingBean89 puts on a masterclass. These chapters are brimming with pessimism and despair, but with enough flickers of hope and happiness readers expect from this world.

These chapters are particularly heartbreaking for Remus and Sirius as it builds up to what we all know happened to end the war.

The only aspect of these novels I would change would be to include Sirius’ POV. I would have loved to see more about his family and seeing the world from a character who has grown up in the wizarding community. Though, I do understand how much that is asking of the author as the story is already very long, detailed, and well-written.

Overall, All the Young Dudes is a story that will stay with me forever and have a lasting impact. I’m already so obsessed that I started to teach myself how to bind books so that I can bind these three volumes for my collection. 


Have you read All the Young Dudes? What did you think?


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