All the Young Dudes – Book Two: Year 5-7 – MsKingBean89

Genre: Fantasy, Fanfiction
Publisher: Independently Published, AO3
Pages: 580
Release Date: 2018

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MsKingBean’s “All The Young Dudes” has been divided into three volumes. This second book covers Years 5 – 7.


The pace of All the Young Dudes Book Two picks up as Remus and Sirius’ relationship heats up as the war continues to develop outside of Hogwarts.

Book Two follows the Marauders as they progress through year 5 to 7 at Hogwarts and explore their developing relationships, namely Remus and Sirius, and James and Lily.

Remus and Sirius’ relationship heats up dramatically and I loved every second of it. Their chemistry is palpable as they dance around each other and explore their developing feelings. Both Remus and Sirius can be stubborn at times, so their interactions are always a pleasure to read as they try to navigate their new relationship.

Book Two also ramps up the tension in the school as lines are unofficially drawn in regards to the war. Interhouse competitions are almost put on hold as Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff form a united front against Slytherin. The effects of the war slowly seep into school life and have an effect on what the students are taught and the prejudices being perpetuated or defended against.

I loved MsKingBeans89’s inclusion of werewolf magic and how it differs from that of wizards’. Remus’ exploration of his magic is insightful to his character, but also the world as a whole. Remus’ interactions with other werewolves in relation to magic were a joy to read as it expands the world in ways she-who-will-not-be-named did not.

I will finish off my review by saying I love James and Lily together! I love seeing their relationship through Remus’ eyes and his comments about how lovesick they are for each other despite him and Sirius having an almost similar relationship.

Overall, All the Young Dudes Book Two finds its faster pace through the exploration of Remus and Sirius’ developing relationship and the growing war outside of Hogwarts. I am slightly scared to read Book Three as I know it will break my heart. 


Have you read All the Young Dudes Book Two? What did you think?


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