Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2022

Hello everyone!

My goal for April was keep up my reading pace of March and I was able to accomplished that! Despite having a good reading month numerically, I felt like I was constantly trying to dig myself out of a reading slump. It might have been because I reread A Court fo Wings and Ruin in anticipation of rereading A Court of Frost and Starlight and A Court of Silver Flames. I’ve also been hankering to reread Mistborn and a couple other books I wrote about in another post.

During the month of April, I read 10 books and 1 short story.

So, here are some stats!

Number of pages read:  4218
Number of print books: 6
Number of e-books: 5
Favourite quote of the month: 

“Little girls grew into women and women grew into hunters.” – An Honest Lie


Without further ado…. here is where I feature my top two books from differing genres.

An Honest Lie is Fisher’s best mystery/thriller novel yet. It hooks readers with an engaging plot and a strong female main character while challenging misogyny and the patriarchy.




My Evil Mother is a fun short story about motherhood and family with a magical twist. 4 Stars

The Bromance Book Club is one of the most realistic romance novels I’ve read. At its heart, is a story about vulnerability, communication, and love. 4 Stars

My Killer Vacation is the perfect beach read to get lost in with the sound of the waves as a soundtrack. Bailey delivers on delicious tension and spice with a quick whodunit. 4 Stars

Starry-Eyed Love was slightly disappointing because of the lack of chemistry between the main characters. 3 Stars

Magpie is just another domestic mystery/thriller novel that’s slow, features an underwhelming twist, and an irresponsible red herring. 3 Stars

Broken Fae almost only focuses on developing Elise and her Kings, but features a thrilling climax with interesting plot developments leaving readers in desperate need for the final novel. 4 Stars

Angelfall still holds up after 8 years as it delivers an almost flawless opening to an action packed apocalypse story that doesn’t skimp on character development or world building. 5 Stars

Within Obsession and Lies fails in almost every aspect. The world building is abysmal, the characters barely developed, and a desperate cliffhanger to try to keep readers interested. 2 Stars

The Aeronaut’s Windlass was disappointing in its execution of an interesting idea with its bland characters, confusing magic system, and childish tone. 3 Stars


Have you read any of these? What did you think? What did you read in the month of April?

6 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up | April 2022

  1. I am sad to say I haven’t read any of those, but I appreciate the super honest reviews! I don’t like reviewers who try to find the good in every book they post about. I want to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly! lol. My favorite read for April was “Meta: Game On” by Xander Black ( With all of the current conversation revolving around Facebook’s Meta and the future of digital entertainment, this book really captures the imagination with its social commentary. It definitely reads as satire, but in a way that never feels heavy-handed. I found myself chuckling while completely engrossed. Two friends, Cyrus and Everett, spend all of their time in a popular virtual game called “Neverborn”. As they finally start to rise the leaderboards, other top “celebrity” avatars start disappearing from the game. They suddenly become targets and need to unravel the mystery behind the disappearances. I love how this book smartly weaves sci-fi and fantasy, while never seeming out of the realm of possibility. The story is hilarious while also keeping stakes high. Sometimes it feels like this may end up being a history book one day (lol -hopefully not)!
    Would love to hear your thoughts if you ever check it out

  2. Looks like a great reading month! I re-read the ACOTAR series a while ago and had a blast too 🙂 The Bromance Book Club books are on my TBR. Hope you’ll have a great May!

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