Evershore (Skyward 3.1) – Brandon Sanderson, Janci Patterson

Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pages: 234
Release Date: December 28, 2021

Haven’t read the previous novels? Check out my reviews of Skyward, Starsight, Sunreach, ReDawn, and Cytonic.

With the government of Detritus in disarray because of Superiority treachery, and with Spensa still away on her mission in the Nowhere, Jorgen must work together with the alien Alanik to pick up the pieces. They intercept a strange transmission from the planet Evershore and its Kitsen inhabitants, who say they have some of Jorgen’s people and want to return them—but can the Kitsen be trusted? And can Jorgen learn to master his increasingly erratic cytonic powers before they spiral out of control and destroy all hope of forming an alliance against the Superiority?


As I mentioned with my previous reviews of Sanderson and Janci’s Skyward novellas, these novellas have stakes that matter to the main series. Sure, you could skip them and read only the main novels, however you would be missing the full picture, especially with this latest novellas, Evershore. Honestly, if you’re only going to read one of these novellas, Evershore should be the one.

Evershore follows Jorgen after the events of the ending sequence of Cytonic. Jorgen’s world has crashed around him and he’s attempting to remain in control of his emotions and the DDF.

Evershore gives readers some much needed insight into Jorgen, especially after this novella. In only about 230 pages, Jorgen is almost an entirely new character. The situation has forced him to mature and take on responsibilities he wasn’t prepared for, however he rose to the occasion. I absolutely cannot wait to see Jorgen and Spensa back on page together! I’m also excited to see Jorgen and FM as there will certainly be more lively discussion between the two.

Overall, Evershore is a much needed deep dive into Jorgen as he becomes a much more important character in the next novel, Defiant.


Have you read Evershore? What did you think?

2 thoughts on “Evershore (Skyward 3.1) – Brandon Sanderson, Janci Patterson

  1. I usually don’t read companion novellas but I did read those and I found them amazing!

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