Monthly Wrap-Up | March 2022

Hello everyone!

March was a spectacular reading month for me! I managed to read 11 books and they were all pretty great. March was a wild month. Brandon Sanderson surprised everyone with 5 secret novels. 4 of which were available for purchase through a Kickstarter. This Kickstarter broke records and has forever proved Sanderson is a forced to be reckoned with. 2023 will be the year of Sanderson and I can’t wait!

It’s easy to forget the horrible things happening in the world when we’re so far removed from it. It’s tough to watch the news night after night and witnessing needless violence and destruction. But try not to forget there are millions of people suffering. Their lives will never be the same. There’s an anthology coming out this month with 100% of the proceeds being donated. So check it out here!

So, here are some stats!

Number of pages read: 4100
Number of print books: 4
Number of e-books: 7
Favourite quote of the month: 

“I want you underneath me so bad that I can’t lie in bed without feeling you there. I’ve never even had you, and your body haunts mine.” – Hook, Line, and Sinker


Without further ado…. here is where I feature my top two books from differing genres.

Vicious Fae is my favourite of the series so far as it digs into the reverse harem aspect of the novel while also developing the mystery and world.


Hook, Line, and Sinker will easily make my top ten books of 2022. It’s a fun friends-to-lovers romance with so much angst and tension and a payoff worth the wait.


Love on the Lake was a pleasant surprise that focuses largely on Teagan’s mental health. Hunting approaches this topic with care and is genuine in her portrayal of addiction. Love on the Lake is still a Hunting novel, so Teagan and Aaron’s relationship is explosive and steamy. 4.5 Stars

Fool Me Once surprised me. It’s a story about forgiveness, healing, and love wrapped in a story about saving the planet through politics. 4 Stars

Sea of Tranquility is a beautifully written novel that spans three hundred years with multiple characters connected in some way to create an atmospheric novel about life, love, and time. All this without mentioning how Mandel captured living through COVID-19 and put it in historical context. 4 Stars

Find Me surprised me. It’s the beginning of what is going to be a spicy reverse harem about love, healing, and trauma. 4 Stars

Save Me is a worthy sequel that dives deep into Shiloh’s mental health in a constructive way while also developing her relationship with the brothers. As of writing this review, the third novel has a release date of summer 2022! 4 Stars

Burning Questions is really a hodgepodge of Atwood’s writing organized chronologically as she covers a wide variety of topics including climate change, book reviews, homages, and reflections on her past work and life.  4 Stars

The Atlas Six is disappointing in almost every aspect. From its writing style to character development, The Atlas Six tries to be a deep philosophical novel but fails to deliver on all fronts. 2 Stars

Evershore is a much needed deep dive into Jorgen as he becomes a much more important character in the next novel, Defiant. 5 Stars

Credence is a novel you’ll either love or hate because of its risque plot. These kinds of novels come with trigger warnings and blurred consent, so if those are things you dislike in any type of romance, Credence is not for you. 3 Stars


Have you read any of these? What did you think? What did you read in the month of March?

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