Find Me (WITSEC #1) – Ashley N. Rostek

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Independently Published
Pages: 272
Release Date: August 20, 2021

One year ago…

My family is gone. My parents. My twin sister. All of them murdered by the man who has stalked me for years. He nearly killed me, too. But I got away and he’s still out there, searching for me. He won’t find me. At least, I hope not. Thanks to WITSEC, I’ve been given a new life with a new identity.

The present…

My uncle, my only living relative, has helped me glue myself back together and given me the tools I’ll need to survive. I’m not fixed and my grief is heavy, but I’m at a point where I can put one foot in front of the other to try to move on.
I know my future will be hard and lonely. I must stay strong and focus on the good. I’m getting a second chance at life. I am safe. My new home is beautiful. The four brothers who live next door are even more so. Little do I know that Colt, Creed, Keelan, and Knox will soon become my everything. It’s as if my lonely heart screamed out for someone good to find me. Four answered back.

***WARNING This is a reverse harem romance. Contains violence, graphic killing, foul language, and sexual content. Some parts may be triggering.***


I don’t remember how I discovered Find Me, but I’m glad I did. I read Find Me and its sequel, Save Me, in two days only to discover there’s no release date for the third novel. I am distraught. 

Find Me follows Shiloh as she relocates as part of the witness protection program after surviving the brutal murder of her family. She moves in next to four brothers. Find Me is a reverse harem.

The reason I rated Find Me four stars instead of five is because the writing and the suspension of belief required.

Rostek’s writing is the novel’s biggest weakness. To be frank, her writing isn’t great. It’s more often than not awkward and stilted. Also, the way Rostek wrote Shiloh aged her down instead of up, which created a bit of awkwardness with her relationship with the older brothers. More to come on this.

Find Me requires quite a bit of suspension of belief. Shiloh is 18 completing her senior year of high school as she took a year off to recover. She buys a house and lives on her own. It’s a little much, but it’s required for the story to work.

Find Me isn’t the spiciest reverse harem you’ll read, but it is packed with angst and tension. Honestly, the pages are dripping with delicious tension. Because of all the angst and tension, Shiloh’s relationship with the brothers, especially with Colt and Creed, has room to breathe. Colt and Creed are my favourite followed by Keeland and Knox. Surprisingly, the brothers are not assholes which is nice for a reverse harem. However, it was weird to see Shiloh with Keeland and Knox because they are older. Sure she’s 18, but Rostek’s writing and the high school setting make her feel younger. 

Since Shiloh is in her senior year and a new student, readers can expect predictable high school drama. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be, but adds the perfect amount of drama to the story.

Overall, Find Me surprised me. It’s the beginning of what is going to be a spicy reverse harem about love, healing, and trauma.


Have you read Find Me? What did you think?

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