Dead Lands (Savage Lands #3) – Stacey Marie Brown

Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 448
Release Date: June 15, 2021

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Kidnapped by the notorious rebel group, Provstat, Brexley finds her connection goes deeper than she ever imagined. Reunited with old acquaintances and an uncle she never knew, Brexley is thrown into the vicious world of politics, where human and fae leaders will do anything to come out on top. Here dangerous associations and meticulous plots are far more dangerous and cutthroat than any game she survived in Halálház.

If her life wasn’t complicated enough, her relationship with the infamous legend is growing stronger. The more she tries to untangle the link between Warwick and her, the thicker it wraps around them both, entwining them in a world between life and death, where brutal passion and fury collide.

When whispers of a coveted magical substance, called the nectar, start buzzing louder, Brexley’s strange bond to the fae book leads her on an unexpected journey. One that brings her closer to the answers she seeks.

But once she opens the door, all the secrets and lies of her past come flooding out.

Truths she’s not ready to face.

And betrayals that cut bone deep. 


Dead Lands was quite the disappointment after I found its predecessor, Wild Lands, to be such an improvement over Savage Lands. Unfortunately, Dead Lands continues its repetitive formula of motorcycle chase scenes, over the top sexual chemistry, and lack of information.

I had high hopes for Dead Lands because I loved Wild Lands so much, but Dead Lands offers readers so little in terms of plot progression. Instead, readers get a sex filled story with little to no character development or plot progression. The sex in Dead Lands is overwhelming, repetitive, and paired with extreme violence. The sex is overwhelming in that Brexley and Warwicks’ sexual connection is so powerful that everyone around them also experience extreme horniness/orgasm. It was slightly amusing the first time it happened, but as it continued to happen the sexual comments from other characters got incredibly annoying.

By the third book I would have expected Warwick to have more of a personality than a walking erection who blows things up and has a knack for rescuing Brexley. Unfortunately, Warwick is little more than a bland caveman alpha male.

One of the moments that irked me the most about Dead Lands is after Brexley is kidnapped then sent on a mission that directly benefits the kidnappers, they accused her of not being trustworthy. Of course she’s not trustworthy YOU KIDNAPPED HER. There were a few more inconsistencies like this that had me scratching my head.

Dead Land also offers few answers and more questions by the end of the novel. I would classify the end of Dead Lands as a cliff hanger, however it wasn’t a satisfying cliff hanger. Instead, it left me frustrated because it offered an answer to a question that had been building throughout the entire novel but without context or world building the answer ultimate meant nothing to readers.

Overall, Dead Lands is a disappointing entry in the Savage Lands series that is repetitive, annoying, and leaves readers with more questions than answers. Again.


Have you read Dead Lands? What did you think?

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