A Year of Love – Helena Hunting, et al.

Genre: Romance, Short Stories
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 394
Release Date: November 5, 2021

Fall in love all year long.

12 months.

12 authors.

12 short stories to make you swoon.


Ringing in the New Year by Helena Hunting – 4 Stars
Ringing in the New Year is quick check in with one my favourite Helena Hunting couples, Lavender and Kodiak. It’s cute, hot, and funny as only Hunting can write. This short story reminded me that I need to reread Littles Lies because it’s that good.

Skating on the Stars by Debra Anastasia – 2 stars
Skating on the Stars is a quick follow up to Drowning in Stars. I have not read Drowning in Stars, so this short story didn’t have an impact on me. It also didn’t convince me to read the novel either despite it being on my radar for so long.

Butterfly, Broken by Ilsa Madden Mills – 2 stars
Butterfly, Broken is a mess. Mills bit off more than she could chew thereby making Butterfly, Broken a messy introduction to what would be an even messier paranormal romance. My biggest issue with the story was Mills’ decision to have Everly know nothing about the world, but obviously being important moving forward. It made everything that happened confusing for no reason. I will definitely not be reading the full length version of this.

April Fools by Max Monroe – 5 Stars
April Fools is one of the best short stories of the anthology and I’m incredibly happy that it will be turned into a full length novel. April Fools works well as a short story giving readers a quick and steamy story, but a full length novel will be chef’s kiss!

Operation: Mile High Club by BB Easton – 3 stars
Well, I’m glad I didn’t read 44 Chapters about 4 Men because I am not really a fan of this type of writing style. The style where the author is clearly talking to the reader while telling a story. Operation: Mile High Club is funny, but the narration ruined it for me.

Free to Love by Kennedy Ryan – 4 stars
Free to Love is a quick peek into an intimate moment between the characters as they’re about to get married. This story showcases the love and frustration that goes into planning a wedding.

Weekend fling Elle Kennedy – 5 stars
Kennedy knows how to deliver! Weekend Fling is easily the best short story of the anthology. It’s cute, sexy, and fun. Mostly importantly, it reads like a short story.

Training Camp – Sarina Bowen – 4 stars
Training Camp is CUTE!

No Drama, Seriously by Tijan – 3 stars
Interesting start to a full length novel, however I haven’t always jived with Titan’s novels so we’ll see!

Possession by KF Breene – – 3.5 stars
I almost DNF’d this one based on the writing. It felt unpolished and I wasn’t a fan of where the story seemed to be heading. However, I’m glad I continued. Possession is the beginning of a sexy and list filled demon story that I would definitely read.

Forever More – K. Bromberg – 4 stars
Forever More is an incredibly cute thanksgiving story in the vein of November 9 by Colleen Hoover.

My Secret – W. Winters – 3 stars
A quick and sexy read.

Overall, A Year of Love is one of the better anthologies I’ve ever read. It features a great mix of genres so readers will be sure to find something to their liking.


Have you read A Year of Love? What did you think?

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