Disappointing Books of 2021

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my disappointing books of 2021. I’d like to point out not all these books are bad, but rather fall into the “I thought I would LOVE this book, but…”. Also, obligatory note about how not everyone is going to like the same books and if any of your favourites are on this list.. sorry!

Like last year, I feel like I was much harsher in my star ratings. I had 9 books on my most disappointing books of 2020 list while this year I had to hold myself back.

Instead of making a separate post for my reading stats, I’m including the most relevant ones here.
# of pages read: 46,768
# of books read: 108
# of eBooks: 61
# of physical books: 47
# of ARCs: 23

These are in the order I read them this year, NOT in order of most or least disappointing.


One of my goals of 2021 was to read all the Outlander books, but Dragonfly in Amber crushed that goal. I quickly dropped that goal and just watched the TV show <3.

Dragonfly in Amber is disappointing to say the least. It was hard to get through since most of the novel was just plain boring with an inconsistent pace.


Wow. This one surprised me with how disappointing it turned out to be.

Where the Crawdads Sing is an overhyped coming of age story full of tropes and clichés that never read as fully authentic. Despite a satisfying ending, Where the Crawdads Sing is a slow and boring story.


It physically pains me to put something Sanderson is attached to on a disappointing list. If you know anything about me, it’s that Sanderson is my favourite author. Unfortunately this one just didn’t work for me.

Dark One is slightly disappointing as the world and characters feel under developed. However, the blending of reality and fantasy work well to communicate to readers the vastness of what this world could be in the next few volumes. 


The Shadow of the Gods was my second and last Gwynne novel.

I won’t deny Gwynne is a talented writer with incredible vision for his novels, however I haven’t been unable to fully connect with his story and characters. The Shadow of the Gods did not change this.


It’s funny that St. Clair graced both my best books of 2021 and disappointing ones. I guess when they say you can’t love them all is true!

A Touch of Darkness misses the mark. It could have been an interesting and sexy story, but the undeveloped characters and juvenile writing make A Touch of Darkness a novel worth passing on.


The Bridge Kingdom was not as advertised.

The Bridge Kingdom was a slight disappointment. I was expecting to get a fire hot romance worthy of its book comparisons, however the romance fell flat. Fortunately, the main character and the world building made The Bridge Kingdom worth the read, so I will definitely be continuing with the sequel, The Traitor Queen. 


Exodus left me speechless and not in a good.

Exodus is one of those novels I disliked immensely for personal reasons. I commend Stewart for taking a bold risk with the direction of her novel and, apparently, it paid off since my rating of this novel is not the majority consensus. 


Another author that physically pains me to put on a disappointing list, but it had to be done.

Fallen Empire was a disappointing conclusion that lacked the tension, lust, and chemistry of its predecessors.


I REALLY wanted to love this one, but it fell flat in almost every aspect.

The Ex Hex was slightly disappointing since everything about the novel was only surface level. The relationship relied heavily on implied chemistry and the magic and lore of the novel felt incomplete.


Just when I thought I had finished my list, Dead Lands demanded to be added.

Dead Lands is a disappointing entry in the Savage Lands series that is repetitive, annoying, and leaves readers with more questions than answers. Again.


Were you disappointed with any of these? If not, what are some of your most disappointing books of 2021?

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