The Fall of Babel (The Books of Babel #4) – Josiah Bancroft

Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Orbit
Pages: 672
Release Date: November 9, 2021

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As Marat’s siege engine bores through the Tower, erupting inside ringdoms and leaving chaos in its wake, Senlin can do nothing but observe the mayhem from inside the belly of the beast. Caught in a charade, Senlin desperately tries to sabotage the rampaging Hod King, even as Marat’s objective grows increasingly clear. The leader of the zealots is bound for the Sphinx’s lair and the unimaginable power it contains. 

In the city under glass at the Tower’s summit, Adam discovers a utopia where everyone inexplicably knows the details of his past. As Adam unravels the mystery of his fame, he soon discovers the crowning ringdom conceals a much darker secret.

Aboard the State of Art, Edith and her crew adjust to the reality that Voleta has awoken from death changed. She seems to share more in common with the Red Hand now than her former self. While Edith wars for the soul of the young woman, a greater crisis looms: They will have to face Marat on unequal footing and with Senlin caught in the crossfire. 

And when the Bridge of Babel is finally opened, and the Brick Layer’s true ambition revealed, neither they nor the Tower will ever be the same again.


The Fall of Babel is a satisfying ending to a spectacular series, but is better read back-to-back for it to have a better impact.

I read the previous novel, The Hod King, back in 2019 when it was first published and have since forgotten most of what happened. I read some spoiler-filled reviews and the summary at the beginning of The Fall of Babel, but it wasn’t enough. This series is one I would recommend reading back-to-back or at least without a significant amount of time in between each novel. The characters are at the heart of this story and having forgotten key details, I missed out on emotional moments throughoutThe Fall of Babel.

Bancroft’s writing is as flawlessly lyrical as in his previous novels. As I mentioned in my review of The Hod King, each sentence, paragraph, and chapter are meticulously written to weave together an adventure tale that sheds light on more serious topics like, slavery, abuse, the disenfranchisement of a people, and the mistreatment of women.

One slight criticism I have of The Fall of Babel is the lack of Senlin in the novel. The Fall of Babel is told from multiple POVs, which isn’t a surprise considering all the characters who have been introduced and promoted to main characters. However, Senlin has always been and will always be my favourite so to see so little of him was slightly disappointing.

The ending of The Fall of Babel was unexpected and satisfying. Bancroft ended his series while also leaving the door open for future novels or a spinoff series.

Overall, The Fall of Babel is a fantastic conclusion to The Books of Babel series. This series is full of eccentric characters, mystery and intrigue, and adventure all while touching on more serious topics in ways that feel meaningful.

***I received an arc from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 


Will you be reading The Fall of Babel?

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