Kate (Madison Kate #4) – Tate James

Genre: Romance, Reverse Harem
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 592
Release Date: October 31, 2020

Haven’t read the previous novels? Check out reviews of Hate, Liar, and Fake.

KATE is book 4 of 4 in the MADISON KATE series. The blurb below may contain spoilers for previous books, and I urge you not to read it until you’ve finished HATE, LIAR and FAKE. 


“I never miss.”

Riot Night changed my life.

Coming back to Shadow Grove turned it on its head. 

I’ve been hunted, stabbed, stalked, tormented, and used. Hate fueled me, lies tore me apart, and in the end everything I thought I knew turned out to be fake.

Except… Riot Night also brought Archer, Kody, and Steele back into my life. No matter how much I’ve fought it, hated it, been lied to or discovered the deceptions—I want them in my life.

No one owns me.

No one is taking them away.

This is my life, dammit, and these guys are mine to keep. 

If a war is what it takes, then a war is what they’ll get.


It’s finally over. These books got progressively worse. The final novel, Kate, was painful to get through since it did not need to be 592 pages. The entire series did not need to be four books long.

Kate wraps up the series by finally giving readers answers. Unfortunately, the answers weren’t satisfying at all. To top it all off, James ended Kate on a cliff-hanger regarding Hades’ identify. Apparently, this was to hype up the series she’s writing for Hades. I had zero interest in returning to this world after this novel, but for the readers who were interested it’s a shitty way to be manipulated into reading after the three other cliff-hangers.

Kate is 592 pages of nothing happening. Almost every other chapter Kate is having sex then complaining about how sore she is and the chapters in between spent very little time developing the mystery. By the time the identity of the stalker was reveal, I had no idea who it was supposed to be. It was incredibly anti-climatic despite how exciting the events appeared to be.

Steele and Kody are still my favourite of the love interests. They’re the only reason I continued reading. Archer was an alpha male asshole the entire time, especially when the topics of children came up.

Overall, the Madison Kate series is not one I would recommend. It’s excessively long for no reason, the mystery is poorly written, and Madison Kate as a character is annoying more often than not.


Have you read the Madison Kate series? What did you think?

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