Zodiac Academy: Cursed Fates – Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 749
Release Date: May 20, 2020

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After the devastating events at Zodiac Academy, we have to deal with this darker world we’re faced with. 
Lionel seeks to hurt us, the Nymphs seek to hurt the entire Fae race, and between all of it, we just have to try and survive each day as it comes. 

I’m afraid of everything falling apart, but it looks like it already has. 


If you haven’t started this series already I don’t know what else I can say to convince you. It’s a dark and older style Harry Potter with a delicious bully romance aspect.

Zodiac Academy: Cursed Fates is easily the most angsty of the novels. It picks up after the events of Shadow Princess with Tory and Darius having to deal with the consequences of their actions and the resultant choice. Tory and Darius’ connection is intoxicating as they both fight what was so clearly obvious to everyone around them. Peckham and Valenti wrote it in such a way that it never gets old or annoying watching their struggle.

Darcy and Lance remind me a lot of Aria and Ezra from Pretty Little Liars. I used to root for them when I first started watching the show, but then eventually realized how toxic their relationship actually was. Darcy and Lance should also fall under this category, but I’ve come to love them together, especially in Cursed Fates. However, what happened in Cursed Fates wrecked me and I am not okay.

The ending of this novel is just as earth shattering as the ending in the previous novel. It was action packed and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was skipping whole paragraphs just so I could find out what happened quicker. I already ordered the next novel, Fated Throne, but I don’t want to read it too soon because book 7 isn’t scheduled to be released until December 2021.

Overall, Zodiac Academy: Cursed Fates has set up what is going to be an explosive finale in the next two novels. This series has infuriated and frustrated me to no end at times, but pulled me back and made me root for characters I previously hated. As I mentioned countless times before, Zodiac Academy is my new obsession.


Have you read Zodiac Academy: Cursed Fates? What did you think?

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