The Perfect Ruin – Shanora Williams

Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Publisher: Dafina
Pages: 320
Release Date: July 27, 2021

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shanora Williams comes a tale of revenge served ice cold—and a warning to be careful what you scheme for . . .

A brutal tragedy ended Ivy Hill’s happy family and childhood. Now in her twenties and severely troubled, she barely has a life—or much to live for. Until the day she discovers the name of the woman who destroyed her world: Lola Maxwell—the mega-wealthy socialite with a heart, Miami’s beloved “first lady” of charity. Accomplished, gorgeous, and oh-so-caring, Lola has the best of everything—and doesn’t deserve any of it. So it’s only right that Ivy take it all away . . .

Little by little, Ivy infiltrates Lola’s elite circle, becomes her new best friend—and plays Lola’s envious acquaintances and hangers-on against her. But seducing Lola’s handsome, devoted surgeon husband turns into a passionate dream Ivy suddenly can’t control. And soon, an insidious someone will twist Ivy’s revenge into a nightmare of deception, secrets, and betrayal that Ivy may not wake up from.


The Perfect Ruin is a slow burn thriller that left me satisfied in the end.

The Perfect Ruin follows Ivy as she plans to infiltrate and ruin the woman’s life who ruined hers. Readers are not privy to the reason the narrator’s life was ruined at the beginning of the novel, but it’s obvious if you read between the lines. The reveal isn’t anything ground breaking or exciting compared to the end.

The Perfect Ruin as I mentioned previously is a slow burn novel. Readers watch at Ivy carefully inserts herself into Lola’s life. These moments were slightly boring at times, but were important to understanding both Ivy and Lola’s motivations. These moments also have You by Caroline Kepnes vibes. Readers are unaware of how far Ivy is willing to go to enact revenge and proves herself to be an unreliable narrator.

The end of the novel hits readers fast and furious as there are so many twists and turns in the final reveal. At first, the reveal didn’t feel earned but as the explanation continued I couldn’t pick up my jaw from the floor. I did not see the reveal coming and is what ultimately led me to rate the novel four stars instead of three.

Overall, The Perfect Ruin is full of twists and turns that readers won’t see coming. If you’re looking for something similar to You by Caroline Kepnes, buckle up because Williams will take you on a wild ride.

***I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Will you be reading The Perfect Ruin?

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