Flames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1) – Amelia Hutchins

Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 606
Release Date: January 20, 2021

From Amelia Hutchins, award-winning author of The Fae Chronicles, and author of the internationally bestselling series Playing with Monsters comes a new dark and sensual epic fantasy series set in a world of magic realms, mystical creatures, royal intrigue, and betrayal. Join Aria Primrose Hecate on a journey of self-discovery as she races to find her missing twin sister and save her family from a war that’s been brewing within the Nine Realms for over five hundred years. 

Aria and her sisters return to the Human Realm of Haven Falls to find one of their own that’s gone missing. They soon discover things have changed in the Human Realm and that nothing is what it seems, including Knox, the egotistical, self-centered, frustratingly gorgeous man who declared himself King during their absence.

Sparks fly when the two enter a fiery battle of wills as Aria learns she is more than just a witch in the Hecate bloodline; she is much, much more.

Will Aria embrace her savage side to find her sister and save her family, or will she burn to ashes from his heated kisses and burning hot embrace?

Knox has ulterior motives for being in Haven Falls and never expected the little witch to show up and brazenly challenge his rule.

It was supposed to be easy; get in and get out. Move pieces into place and set the stage for the war he’s been planning for over five hundred years. Aria is his sworn enemy but something within her calls to him and he hates himself for craving the fiery kisses that have reignited his cold, dead heart. One taste, and he thought he could get her out of his system. He was wrong.

Will Knox let go of the memories of the past, driving his need for revenge that will destroy the pretty little witch he craves, or will he push the boundaries to fight for and claim what is his by right? Either way, war is inevitable. And nothing will stop him from reaching for what is his. 


DNF @ 40%

I’ve been in an intense fantasy romance mood, so I picked up Flames of Chaos when it was on sale for .99$ from Kobo. Unfortunately, .99$ is too much to pay for whatever Flames of Chaos is trying to be.

Hutchins opens the novel with a disclaimer warning readers that Flames of Chaos is a dark romance and that readers will not like the love interest when he’s first introduced, but will come to love him by the end of the book/series. Regretfully, Hutchins did not warn readers that her writing is abysmal and that shocking her readers with crude profanity and sexual violence every other page will not make up for her terrible writing and lack of plot despite her story taking place in what is seemingly a large and intricate world.

I’m by no means a prude and profanity in novels doesn’t bother me. I actually enjoy when profanity is used as it lends a certain level of realness to the characters. However, when crude profanity is used almost every other word it becomes annoying and repetitive. It also lowers my opinion of the character.

Flames of Chaos has an urban fantasy feel to it that doesn’t really work. The characters and the magical world are presented in a way that makes it seem as if the story is taking place in the past, but modern amenities are mentioned making the world feel as if it doesn’t know what it wants to be.

In the 40% of the novel I read, there wasn’t a single character I liked. The main character, Aria, had no backbone and was a typical virgin character. But just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, the entire story revolves around her virginity and the fact that her and her sisters go into heat every month because of some curse her grandmother cast on her bloodline to procreate. It was easily one of the most derogatory things I’ve ever read.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a character as crude and unattractive as Knox. Every time he opened his mouth I wanted to slap him. There was not a single redeeming quality to him, especially after reading only one of his POV chapters. Again, Hutchins warned readers that we won’t like him, but I’m not sure how she thinks she can redeem him after his POV chapter. He’s a misogynistic asshole who gets off on violence against women.

Overall, Flames of Chaos is a terribly written book with equally terrible characters. There’s hints of a plot underneath all the crude profanity and sexual violence, but it’s not enough to even consider finishing the novel to try and find it. If you like casual sexual abuse and derogatory behaviour towards women, Flames of Chaos is for you.


Have you read Flames of Chaos? What did you think?

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