Let Me Love You (All of Me Duet #2) – Siobhan Davis

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 31, 2021

Haven’t read the first book, Say I’m the One? Check out my review HERE!

My heart and soul forever belong to two men.

It’s an irrefutable truth that won’t ever change.

Reeve is the air I breathe.

Dillon is the fire that consumes me.

How am I expected to live without a part of my heart?

This is book two of two and it cannot be read as a stand-alone. 130k-word full-length novel. No cliff-hanger and it ends with an HEA.

Let Me Love You is the emotional conclusion to the All of Me Duet where readers finally discover the truth of the prologue from the first novel, Say I’m the One.

Let Me Love You is deeply emotional, which shouldn’t be a surprise to avid Davis readers. Davis is an expert at manipulating her characters’ emotions and making them earn their happily ever afters. The All of Me Duet is no exception.

What I enjoyed most about Let Me Love You was how quickly the story moves. Readers were not kept on the edge of their seat wondering when the reveal was going to happen. Instead, Davis put her readers out of their misery quite early in the novel. This allowed for sufficient time for the following events and the ensuing emotions to run their course and not feel rushed.

Dillion’s character growth in Let Me Love You was fantastic. He’s certainly not the Dillion readers met in Say I’m the One. His character progression was beautiful and felt earned. I especially loved when glimmers of the old Dillion appeared.

The reason I rated the novel three stars instead of four is because of a reveal at the end. Without going into spoilers, I feel like all it did was justify a few of Davis’ choices early on in the novel. This justification was not needed. It cheapens in impact of the characters’ choice. In my opinion, authors do not have to justify their choices to their readers. It’s their world and characters, we just get to come along for the ride.

Overall, the All of Me Duet is a deeply emotion story full of twists and turns. Some of these twists worked to enhance the story while others hindered it. If you’re a fan of emotionally driven character novels, the All of Me Duet should be next up on your TBR.

***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


Will you be reading Let Me Love You?

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