The Devil Wears Black – L.J. Shen

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 368
Release Date: March 9, 2021

Maddie Goldbloom stitched up a plan to ensure everything in her life was perfect—from a career in fashion to a chic NYC apartment to a pediatrician boyfriend.

When her ex, Chase Black, storms back into her life with an outrageous request, her immediate reaction is to refuse him. But he only wants to fulfill his father’s last wish. So even though he’s the man who broke her heart, playing his fiancée shouldn’t be hard, especially if it means she gets to watch the arrogant devil squirm a bit.

What ensues is a chain of events that detonates Maddie’s life—and when Chase’s walls come down, they both are forced to face reality.

They say keep your enemies close. But what if your enemy is also the man you love?


The Devil Wears Black is a funny and swoon worthy romance that is surprisingly deep touching on themes of grief, loss, and commitment.

Maddie’s life is turned upside down after her ex, Chase, shows up on her doorstep begging her to play his fake fiancé. She reluctantly agrees beginning a roller coaster of emotions.

The Devil Wears Black is told from both Maddie and Chase’s perspectives. I immediately connected with Maddie. Maddie is a people pleaser regardless of the personal hits she may take. She’s quirky and fun loving making her the exactly opposite of Chase. Chase is a clean cut no nonsense alpha male. I disliked his first few chapters. He is an alphahole through and through. I usually like love interests that are softer and more vulnerable, but there was something about Chase that drew me in. He’s confident and full of swagger to the point he’s blinded to his own emotions.

The Devil Wears Black reminded me a little of the television show Succession. Chase’s family gave off the Succession vibe, but a more toned down version.

My one criticism is that I found the spicy scenes too far and few between. The wait was well worth it, but I wish there had a been a few more scenes leading up to their ultimate coupling.

I was surprised at how emotional The Devil Wears Black made me. Though I’ve never experienced personally what happened in the book, Shen’s writing allowed me to empathize fully. I even shed a tear or two near the end.

Overall, The Devil Wears Black is more than just an enemies-to-lovers romance. Instead, it’s a story about grief, loss, forgiveness, and self-discovery. Well worth the read!

*** I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.


Will you be reading The Devil Wears Black?

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