Trouble Always Finds Me (Trouble: Girl Detective #2) – James Taylor, Marco Sparks

Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Self-Publisher
Pages: 379
Release Date: October 13, 2020

Haven’t read the first novel, My Name is Trouble? Check out my review HERE!

Jenny Valentine won the prize. Keeping it won’t be easy.

She’s filthy rich, she’s dating the head cheerleader, she’s blackmailing the star athlete, and she’s got an ace up her sleeve that no one will see coming. Life is good for Jenny Valentine, the tiny teenage sleuth and misanthropic heiress to the late RJ Valentine’s bestselling Trouble: Girl Detective publishing empire. After putting her evil stepmother away for Dad’s murder, book sales and merchandise are way up, and Jenny’s anxiety is way down.

Only trouble is, the real killer is still out there, and he knows Jenny is lying. With six heirloom clues left, the game remains afoot, and a shocking murder case from the past might be the Stranger’s new playground. Between an active serial killer, mean girls at school, an anonymous cyberbully, and a nosy reporter, everyone wants a piece of Trouble. Can’t a girl have it all? The money, the fame, the romance, the secrets, and Danger too?


I should have reread the first novel, My Name is Trouble, because there is so much going on in this story that I felt a little lost for the first couple of chapters. Trouble Always Finds Me picks up after the events of My Name is Trouble. Every sentence I started to write contained a spoiler, so if you haven’t read the previous novel, BYE! Though, I am keeping my review spoiler free.

Trouble Always Finds Me is a satisfying read. After the events of the previous novel, readers get to experience the shenanigans of the first novel, but with all the information; thereby making Trouble Always Finds Me fun and gratifying.

Jenny continues to be a brash character, though her rough edges seemed to have been ironed out in this novel. She’s a much more likeable and related character, though this may be a consequence of the reveal at the end of the first novel.

Trouble Always Finds Me continues with the pop culture references. If you’re a fan of the authors’ podcasts, their interests become readily apparent (cough Reylo cough). 

I can clearly imagine this story as a television show. Admittedly, the authors did intend for this story to a television show first before a novel. It has everything a teen show viewer could want: mystery, intrigue, a intelligent and kickass main character, a core relationship, and a bumbling police force ;).

Overall, Trouble Always Finds Me is a worthwhile sequel that improves on its predecessor tenfold. Readers are in for a wild ride as Jenny continues to investigate the clues left behind by her late father. You won’t believe where it takes her!


Have you read Trouble Always Finds Me? What did you think?

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