Adoring Keaton (The Kennedy Boys #9) – Siobhan Davis

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 330
Release Date: September 20, 2020


A friends-to-lovers new adult MM romance from USA Today bestseller Siobhan Davis. Stand-alone with HEA and no cliff-hanger.

Moving to California was supposed to be my fresh start. A clean slate. An opportunity to drop the façade, escape the lies, find a focus, and just be myself.
But I should have realized it wouldn’t be easy, especially when my last name is Kennedy.
I’m not ready to be a gay icon or some celebrity role model. I still haven’t admitted the truth to my family or the girl I professed to love, so there’s no way I want the public to know I’m into dudes.
Falling for my hot, straight, football-player roomie wasn’t part of the game plan.
Neither was backing myself into a corner because I trusted the wrong guy.
Now everything is on the line, and it’s time to stop pretending.

From the time I was a little kid, all I wanted is to play football in college and play in the NFL. As wide receiver for the Golden Bears, I am on track to achieve my goals, but it comes at a heavy price.
Denying who I am—for the sake of my career—goes against everything I believe. 
I should never have listened to my high school coach, because all the lies are suffocating me.
Until Keaton Kennedy enters my life, turning it upside down.
Now, there is even more reason to tell the truth, because I’m falling for the famous one and I want the entire world to know.


Adoring Keaton is my first M/M romance. I’m a little embarrassed to admit since I should have been reading these a long time ago. 

Adoring Keaton centers on Keaton and Austen as they fall in love in a world that isn’t always accepting of non-heterosexual relationships. It’s truly an adorable romance that will pull on your heartstrings.

Adoring Keaton utilizes some of my favourite romance tropes: secret dating and fake dating. These tropes crank up the tension between the characters in the best ways possible allowing for some great sensual scenes, Adoring Keaton is no exception.

Both Keaton and Austin struggle with their sexuality in different ways. Davis does an incredible job in highlighting these different struggles in an accessible and authentic way. Some of these struggles include: denying ones identity, sports and public perception, and the fear of coming out to one’s family and friends.

As with all Davis novels, the dialogue is incredibly sappy with a heavy focus on communication and truth. Sometimes it comes off as over the top, however it’s much better than deliberate miscommunication to drive tension between the characters. 

Overall, Adoring Keaton is a heartwarming romance that offers insight into the struggles members of the LGBTQ + community deals with on a daily basis. Keaton and Austen are adorable together and will have you swooning in no time. 

***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


Have you read The Kennedy Boys series? Will you be reading Adoring Keaton?

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