Surrender To Me (The Wolf Hotel #4) – Nina West

four stars blackGenre: Romance
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 294
Release Date: August 2017

Haven’t read the previous novels? Check out my reviews of Tempt Me, Break Me, and Teach Me!

Book Four in the highly addictive, sinfully sexy The Wolf Hotel series

I have battled my family and won. I finally have what I want most—the wickedly sinful Henry Wolf, committed to me and within arm’s reach most nights.

If only it could stay that way.
Because now I find myself caught between two titans vying for the Wolf estate, worth enough to make any man lethal.
What will Henry do to save what he loves?
And do I even fall into that category?

Surrender To Me is the final book in The Wolf Hotel series. I found it to be a vast improvement over the third novel, Teach Me. Abbi and Henry find themselves in New York as they navigate Henry’s father’s death and all the inheritance squabbles that arise.

I enjoyed Surrender To Me because Abbi is not surrounded by her misogynistic hometown. Instead, Abbi stays with Henry as they work through the final few hurdles in their relationship.

The last few chapters were easily the best part of the novel. They are also some of the best sex scenes I’ve ever read. They’re incredibly hot, so make sure you have a glass of water on hand.

Overall, The Wolf Hotel has been a wild ride that I’m happy to have experienced. It had its ups and downs, but, boy, does it ever satisfy in the end. I’m excited to read the final book, Ronan, that acts as more of a companion novel. If you’ve read my review of Break Me, you’ll know why I’m excited to read Ronan.

Have you read The Wolf Hotel series? What did you think?

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