Teach Me (The Wolf Hotel #3) – Nina West

three stars black
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Independently published
Pages: 296
Release Date: November 2017


Haven’t read the first two novels? Check out reviews of  Tempt Me and Break Me!


Book Three in the highly addictive The Wolf Hotel series

I am not the naïve, innocent girl everyone expects me to be. Not anymore.

Henry has ignited a fire, and I will do anything—defy everyone—to keep him in my life.

But the question now is, does he feel the same way about me?

Teach Me is the third book in the addictive The Wolf Hotel series. Read Tempt Me and Break Me first.



Teach Me annoyed and infuriated me to no end.

Abbi has developed as a character, though she retains certain insecurities that are annoying since they resurface again and again. Teach Me relies on the miscommunication or no communication trope to create tension. It’s annoying and disappointing after the brilliance that was its predecessor, Break Me.

Teach Me also relies heavily on the conflict between Abbi and her mother and the community. Her mother does not appreciate nor care for Henry despite everything he’s done for the family. Her mother and the community are a bunch of misogynistic assholes that made me want to throw my ereader at the wall.

The ending of the novel was exciting and hot, but wasn’t enough to make up for the issues I had with the rest of it. Though, I’m still looking forward to the final novel, Surrender To Me.

Overall, Teach Me was incredibly disappointing after the brilliance of its predecessor. It features annoying tropes and misogynistic characters that frustrated me to no end.


Have you read Teach Me? What did you think?

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