Break Me (The Wolf Hotel #2) – Nina West

five stars black
Genre: Romance 
Publisher: Self-published 
Pages: 302
Release Date: February 29, 2016

Haven’t read the first book, Tempt Me? Check out my review here!


Book Two in the highly addictive The Wolf Hotel series

Henry Wolf is a deliciously wicked, sinfully handsome man who has done a very bad thing.


Worse, he owns me now—every inch of my body and a sizeable chunk of my stupid, naïve heart.

And he’s made it clear that if I want to keep my job and stay in Alaska, I’m stuck catering to his every whim and wish—both in the hotel and in his bedroom—while I wait for the potential fiery media circus ring that will no doubt drag my reputation into the gutter along with his, should his past discretions surface.

I will not surrender to his demands, not when I have dirt to hold over his head. IF I have the guts to blackmail him, that is. And something warns me that going through with it will have disastrous consequences for my heart.


Break Me picks up immediately after the revelations at the end of Tempt Me. Abbi is confused and doesn’t know what to do as the hotel beings to prepare for the grand opening.

Break Me was incredibly hot and sexy. It will probably be my favourite of the series because of something happens well into the novel.

As you probably know by now, Nina West is a K.A. Tucker’s pseudonym. These novels are sexually graphic, so if that’s not your thing you should stay away from all things West. Break Me kicks it up a notch with the introduction of Ronan and Connor. And that’s all I’ll say for fear of spoiling.

The things I loved best about this novel are spoilers, so all I’ll say is that I really enjoyed this installment in The Wolf Hotel series. I’m slight disappointed by the ending of the novel, but I’m eagerly awaiting the moment I can get my hands on book three!

Have you read Break Me? What did you think?

8 thoughts on “Break Me (The Wolf Hotel #2) – Nina West

  1. Oh boy, I devoured all four books two days ago – lol. It couldn’t stop reading 😳

      1. There was NO way I could pace myself – lol. I was hooked – the fourth one was actually my favorite 😀

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