A Secret for a Secret (All In #3) – Helena Hunting

five stars black
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Montlake
Pages: 304
Release Date: May 12, 2020


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From New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting comes a new romance about trading secrets, breaking the rules, and playing for keeps.

My name is Ryan Kingston, and I’m a rule follower. I’ve never been in a fistfight. I always obey the speed limit. I don’t get drunk, and I definitely don’t pick up random women at bars.

Except the night I found out that my whole existence has been a lie.

I got drunk. And picked up a stranger.

Her name was Queenie, and she was everything I’m not: reckless, impulsive, and chaotic. We did shots and traded secrets. And ended up naked at my place.

She left me a thank-you note in the morning and her panties as a parting gift. But no way to contact her.

Six weeks later I’m sitting in the first official team meeting of the season, and there she is. I neglected to mention that I’m the goalie for Seattle’s NHL team.

And Queenie? Turns out she’s the general manager’s daughter.

A Secret for a Secret is the genre breaking sports romance you need to read. Hunting has created an unforgettable romance by giving readers the sweetest male love interest possible.

Ryan, or King, is as opposite as it gets from the stereotypical alpha male love interest found in most sports romances. Instead, he’s sweet, sensitive, respectful, and put together. He wears sensible clothes, never drives over the speed limit, and drinks milk with every meal for a well-balanced diet. King thrives on order, so when Queenie shows up like a tornado tearing through his perfectly ordered life, King finds out a little chaos isn’t all that bad.

Queenie doesn’t have her life together. A childhood growing up with a father barely old enough to take care of himself and a mother who only stuck around long enough to tear her down, Queenie finds she has no direction in life.

King and Queenie’s meet cute is perfect. It’s fun and steamy with the right amount of misunderstanding  that leads to more fun and steamy moments.

“I’m falling in love with her chaos.”

Despite the uncomplicated life King likes to lead, there is a fair amount of drama in A Secret for a Secret. Fortunately, communication is the name of the game and the characters are not adverse to the concept. Drama is quickly cleared as the characters talk through the tough conversations paying the way for a happily every after.

Overall, A Secret for a Secret is my favorite book of the All In series. It’s a breath of fresh air in a genre that’s known for its overuse of a alpha male love interest, especially in the sports romance subgenre. King will keep you swooning from beginning to end and rethinking your stance on nice guys.

*** I received an ARC via Netgalley for an honest review.


Have you read A Secret for a Secret? What did you think?

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