Monthly Wrap-Up | February 2020

Hello everyone!

I write this post as the snow blows loudly outside after a couple days of spring-like weather. Winter rears its ugly head to reminds us we’re not done. I usually love winter, but after experiencing the sun and heat I am done with the snow.

February was a VERY mediocre month. I read 10 books, but rated five of them three stars. So, here are some stats!

Number of pages read: 3736
Number of print books: 5
Number of e-books: 5
Favourite quote of the month: 

“You endure what is unbearable, and you bear it. That is all.” – Clockwork Princess, Cassandra Clare


Without further ado…. here is my favourite book of the month. I usually feature two different books, but since I had such a mediocre month only one book that I didn’t reread stood out.


Best Books of the Month 1

wild at heart


Wild at Heart is a beautiful sequel that holds up to its incredible predecessor. I will never get enough of Calla and Jonah.









everything else 1


The Shadow Saint opens up the world where The Gutter Prayer did not while introducing two new characters that take centre stage. Will I be reading the third novel? Right now, I’m not sure. I really like the concept of this world, but The Shadow Saint brought the story in a completely different direction that I didn’t always appreciate while reading. three and a half stars black



The Simple Wild is anything but simple as Calla discovers a new dimension of herself and what it means to forgive.five stars black



I’m certainly in the minority when it comes to my thoughts regarding The Queen of Nothing #SorryNotSorry. But I did devour The Queen of Nothing quickly by reading most of the novel in one day. It’s a trilogy full of faerie tropes that will be sure to satisfy readers’ needs.three stars black



Follow Me is another stalker story that isn’t bad, but doesn’t necessarily stand up with the best of them. It’s a quick read that’ll make you question all the characters motivations until the final reveal.three stars black



The Last Smile in Sunder City is an interesting concept that fails in its execution by focusing too much on world building at the expense of the actual plot.three stars black



Fallen is not my favorite novel in the series, but it does feature some of my favorite character moments to date. If you’re a fan of these novels for the characters, Fallen will more than satisfy your wants and desires for these characters.three stars black



The Infernal Devices trilogy is a beautiful love triangle story that succeeds in avoiding tropes to give readers characters they can’t help but love wholeheartedly.five stars black



Hates Notes is a mediocre enemies to lovers romance that has an interesting catalyst but fails to explore the idea thoroughly. I wish I could have enjoyed this one more, but my dislike of the main character coupled with the lack of chemistry left Hate Notes lacking.three stars black



Darling Rose Gold is a quick read for those looking for a intimate look at a mother-daughter relationship with multiple layers of abuse and neglect as they attempt to outwit each other for the upper hand. Would I recommend it? Probably not. Sharp Objects is a much better iteration of this kind of story.three stars black




Have you read any of these? What did you think? What did you read in the month of February?




11 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up | February 2020

  1. I still need to read The Shadow Saint, but three and a half stars isn’t making me that excited😬 I hope March is a better reading month for you!

  2. I had a very mediocre month too. You aren’t alone there! Hope March is better for both of us. Also- where are you that it’s snowing?!

      1. Oh yeah you are much farther north than me! I’m out on the north eastern coast so we get our fair share of snow too but had a beautiful weekend. Which is just when I’m presuming you wrote this lol.

      2. Our weather has been such a tease. There were two or three days in January it was 60 degrees out. 🙄 can’t complain too much since it’s been mild overall.

  3. I really want to read The Simple Wild! Mostly because I’m such a fan of hate-to-love and father daughter bonding and just argh, my heart. I have heard amazing things about this book and I’m so very ready to fall into this story of forgiveness and love. (I’m hyping myself so up for this novel with writing this comment right now haha.)

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