Best Books of 2019

Welcome to my list of the best books of 2019!

This year, I wanted to challenge myself and shorten my list to 5 books instead of 10. I almost got the list down to five books, but I couldn’t quite get there #SorryNotSorry. These are the six books I would recommend with absolutely no hesitation. 

So, without further ado…. These are in no particular order.


The risk

The Risk is everything I wanted from it and more. It features a spitfire protagonist, witty banter, and red-hot chemistry.


the kingdom of copper
The Kingdom of Copper is an incredible sequel that expands upon the first novel while setting up an explosive finale for The Empire of Gold.


the burning white

The Burning White is a satisfying conclusion to one of the best fantasy series I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Full of magic, lies, and betrayals, the Lightbringer series should be on everyone’s TBR.


the testaments


The Testaments is an excellent sequel that builds upon its predecessor while giving readers something more. The Testaments differs greatly from The Handmaid’s Tale in that it’s more action packed, if you will. The Testaments focuses less on the inner workings of the individuals and more on the world and Gilead as a whole.



Starsight is a spectacular sequel that will keep you on the edge of you seat and make you beg for more once it’s finished. It opens the world and introduces new characters.


4the wives

The Wives will take you on a journey with so many twists and turns you will not know which way is up, and which is down once you’re finished.



Did any of my favourite books of the year make your list? If not, what are you top books of 2019?

8 thoughts on “Best Books of 2019

  1. I haven’t read any of these! Kingdom of Copper I probably won’t because I didn’t have a great experience with book one- but The Wives has been on my radar for awhile so it looks like it’s finally time to officially add it to the TBR.

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