The Rebel King (All The King’s Men #2) – Kennedy Ryan

four stars black

Genre: Romance
Pages: 348
Release Date: November 18, 2019

Haven’t read the first novel, The Kingmaker? Check out my review here!

Ambition. Revenge. Love.

Raised to resist. Bred to fight. Survival is in my blood and surrender is never an option.

Though surrender is what Maxim Cade demanded of my body and heart, I had other plans. We were fast-burning fascination and combustible chemistry, but the man I trusted with everything was a trickster. A thief who stole my love. If what we had was a lie, why did it feel so real? The man I swore to hate will have it all, and wants me at his side. But power is a game, and we’re the pawns and players.

Facing insurmountable odds, will we win the world, or will we lose it all?


The Rebel King doesn’t focus on Maxim and Lennix’s relationship as much as the previous novel, The Kingmaker. Instead, The Rebel King focuses on both Lennix and Maxim’s lives outside of each other. Lennix on her business running candidates, more specifically Maxim’s brother, and Maxim’s own business capitalizing on green initiatives.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Rebel King because of the cliffhanger in The Kingmaker. This part of the novel is resolved quickly. A little too quickly with an obvious ending in sight.

Maxim and Lennix’s relationship is just as intense and hot. They sizzle when they’re on the page together, but they aren’t together enough. As I mentioned previously, The Rebel King focuses on their lives outside of each other and how to make their relationship work in the midst of their hectic careers. I appreciated the tension this created between the characters, however I just wanted to spend all my time with them together because of their intensity.

Overall, The Rebel King is a good conclusion to this duet that is more than a mindless romance. Instead, All The King’s Men offers an intimate look into the American political landscape from a perspective not often seen in romance novels.


Have you read the All The King’s Men duet? What did you think?

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