Genesis (Will Trent #3) – Karin Slaughter

five stars black
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: Arrow Books
Pages: 550
Release Date: July 2009

This is the third Will Trent novel, from the No. 1 Bestseller.

Three and a half years ago former Grant County medical examiner Sara Linton moved to Atlanta hoping to leave her tragic past behind her. Now working as a doctor in Atlanta’s Grady Hospital she is starting to piece her life together. But when a severely wounded young woman is brought in to the emergency room, she finds herself drawn back into a world of violence and terror.

The woman has been hit by a car but, naked and brutalized, it’s clear that she has been the prey of a twisted mind. When Special Agent Will Trent of the Criminal Investigation Team returns to the scene of the accident, he stumbles on a torture chamber buried deep beneath the earth. And this hidden house of horror reveals a ghastly truth – Sara’s patient is just the first victim of a sick, sadistic killer.

Wrestling the case away from the local police chief, Will and his partner Faith Mitchell find themselves at the centre of a grisly murder hunt. And Sara, Will and Faith – each with their own wounds and their own secrets – are all that stand between a madman and his next crime…


What I’ve come to realize after reading my third Karin Slaughter novel is that she’s incredible at writing fully fleshed out characters whose lives are just as interesting as the mystery they’re trying to solve.

Genesis, also named Undone, is the third novel in the Will Trent series. Though I didn’t feel like I missed much by not reading the previous novels, I will definitely be going back and reading them simply for more on the main character, Will Trent and his wife Angie.
All I’ll say about Will and Angie’s relationship is that it’s messy and unhealthy. I cannot wait to see its genesis and where it goes after this novel.

Will Trent is a special agent with the GBI. He’s soft yet hard, damaged, and almost illiterate because of his dyslexia. He has his tricks to navigate through life, but relies heavily on his partner, Faith.

Faith is hard line special agent from her time spent as a cop. She’s intelligent and capable, though not without her flaws as well. Throughout the novel, Faith is dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and her new diagnosis of diabetes.

Slaughter said she named this novel Genesis since its Sara’s introduction. Sara is a doctor working in the ER. She pops in from time to time trying to help the investigation. Sara’s backstory is sad, for lack of a better word. I’m excited to see how she fits into the story moving forward.

The mystery Slaughter presents in Genesis is tight. From beginning to end, I didn’t feel like Slaughter was knowingly developing red herrings and wasting time. I didn’t see the end coming until it hit me in the face.

This novel is incredibly graphic, so if you’re easily triggered by anything remotely triggering, Genesis is not for you. I read a chapter before bed and instantly regretted it. It was descriptive and I’m usually not someone who is easily squeamish.

Overall, Genesis was a great introduction for me to Will and Faith. Would I recommend starting here? Probably not, but I picked it up on a whim at a used book sale and was in the mood for a mystery. Slaughter never disappoints. So, for that reason I already ordered the first book in the series, Triptych.


Have you read Genesis? What did you think?

9 thoughts on “Genesis (Will Trent #3) – Karin Slaughter

  1. Seeing this post reminds me that I have a Slaughter book on my Kindle that I still need to read. I might have to check this series out too though. Great review!

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