Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag | 2019


Hello everyone!

The original creators are Read Like Wildfire and Earl Grey Books. Watch their original videos: Read Like Wildfire & Earl Grey Books

This is one of my favourite tags to do. It’s a great way to look back on my reading trends and orient for myself for the rest of the year.

So far this year I’ve read 65 books, mostly Fantasy and Romance novels.

Last year when I did this tag, I noticed that not many books stood out to me since I was reading so many ARCs. Thankfully, this year a lot of books stood out! So, without further ado…



Pages read: 26,280

Genre Breakdown:
20 Fantasy
13 Science Fiction
19 Romance
9 Young Adult
3 Thrillers/Mystery
2 Non Fiction
1 Classics 


Best Books You’ve Read So Far This Year

The Kingdom of Copper (The Daevabad Trilogy #2)
The Risk (Briar U)
The Blood Mirror (Lightbringer #4)

Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far This Year

acadme's fury
Academ’s Fury has cemented my love for this series through its incredible characters and fast-moving plot with twists and turns I didn’t see coming. I cannot wait to get my copy of Cursor’s Fury.



Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2019

The Wives
Blood of Empire (Gods of Blood and Powder #3)
Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1)
Starsight (Skyward#2)
The Burning White (Lightbringer #5)

Biggest Disappointments 

The Way of Shadows (Night Angel #1)

Biggest Surprise

So far, Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence was the biggest surprise. I disliked Red Sister and had a hard time understanding why everyone loved it so much. I decided to give Grey Sister a chance and I’m glad I did. Grey Sister is easily my favorite of the trilogy.

grey sister

Favourite New Authors

S.A. Chakraborty, author of The Daevabad Trilogy.
Jim Butcher, author of the Codex Alera.

I’ve only read the two series from both authors, but, based on those works, I expect great things from them!


Newest Fictional Crush

Jake Connelly from The Risk by Ellen Kennedy


Zayne from Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Newest Favorite Characters

Tavi and Amara from Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher


Gavin and Kip from the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks


Books That Made You Cry

A reread but, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. For obvious reasons.


Books That Made You Happy

I just love being back in these worlds!


Best Book To Film Adaptation

The Handmaid’s Tale and The Expanse.
If you haven’t watched (or read) these, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Favorite Post You’ve Done This Year


Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year


The Waterstones edition of Queen of Air and Darkness

What Books Do You Need to Read By the End of the Year 


Have you done this tag? Link it down below so I can check it out!

12 thoughts on “Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag | 2019

  1. I’m pretty blown away by these picks!! We have so many in common. I’d like to read Prince of Fools before the end of the year- and I haven’t heard of The Risk before now but I’m intrigued by that one line blurb.

  2. I really need to jump on the Lightbringer books. I have the first three. Sorry to see you didn’t enjoy his Night Angel books, or at least the first. I really loved those when I read them a good 10 years ago. Not sure how they would hold up for me now though.

    1. You’ve got time to read the Lightbringer books before the last one comes out in October!
      Night Angel will definitely be one of my most disappointing books of 2019 because I had such high expectations. oh well!

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