Monthly Wrap-Up | March 2019

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already April. This year is already going by so fast! The warmer weather is right around the corner and I cannot wait 🙂

During the month of March I read 13 books! It was a pretty mediocre month if I’m being honest. Most of the novels I read, I rated 3 stars.

Usually, I feature my top two books of the month from differing genres however I read a lot of very mediocre books this month, so my best books of this month are from the same genre.


Best Books of the Month 1

the kingdom of copper


The Kingdom of Copper strikes a delicate balance between action, political intrigue, and precise character and relationship development. The Kingdom of Copper is an incredible sequel that expands upon the first novel while setting up an explosive finale for The Empire of Gold. 





grey sister



Grey Sister is an incredible sequel that has cemented my love for this trilogy. The release of Holy Sister is just around the corner and I’m desperate to get my hands on it!








everything else 1




A Memory Called Empire has all the trappings of an intriguing and fast paced political sci-fi, but falls flat in its execution. Culture, assimilation, and acculturation are at the heart of this novel making A Memory Called Empire a poignant read for those struggling with where they fit in with society.three stars black



The Pucked series is not for me. Its main characters are too annoying and childish to take seriously in this sex filled series. I would recommend Hunting’s Shacking Up companion series over Pucked any day.three stars black



I really wanted to love The Bird King, but its slow pace and almost nonexistent plot left me incredibly unsatisfied and bored. The Bird King begins as a stellar historical fiction novel with the potential to be full of political intrigue with a dash of magic, but falls short in the direction it takes.                                                                   DNF @ 50%



We All Fall Down reads like a high-octane two part episode of an interchangeable average network television show. We All Fall Down is an okay read that passes the time if you’re looking for a high stakes story rooted in science.three stars black




The Way of Shadows is incredible disappointing after having read the masterpiece that is the Lightbringer series. I would absolutely not recommend this to anyone.two stars black



The Girl He Used to Know is a quick read I would recommend to those who loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.three stars black



Storm and Fury is the first book in the spinoff series of The Dark Elements. This first book follows Trinity and Zayne. Trinity has a secret that could change the world and Zayne grapples with the events of the original trilogy. Storm and Fury is easily some of Armentrout best fantasy work.five stars black



Record of a Spaceborn Few is exactly what the title implies. It’s not my favorite of the Wayfarers novels (that is forever reserved for The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet) though it certainly isn’t my least favorite.four stars black



The Wicked King is a fast paced sequel that ups the ante then leaves readers gasping for more as we impatiently wait for The Queen of Nothing.four stars black



Shadow and Bone is a fast paced and quick read that kept me glued to the pages. I almost read it in one sitting. Would I recommend it? Depends on who’s asking. three and a half stars black



The best thing about Siege and Storm is Nikolai. Unfortunately, Siege and Storm is more of the same, so if you enjoyed Shadow and Bone you’ll definitely enjoy the sequel.three stars black


Have you read any of these? What did you think? What did you read in the month of April?

9 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up | March 2019

  1. I agree completely about Memory Called Empire. Had everything it needed somehow just fell flat. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Shadow and Bone. Don’t think I ever did make it to book 3.

      1. Yeah. I think I’m just done with Bardugo unless she returns to the Six of Crows crew. I loved those books. I’ll be curious to see what reviews say about her adult novel she’s releasing.

      2. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of YA in general, I thought they were just so much fun. All the characters were shades of gray, the romances were a little silly (in that everyone has someone) but they didn’t dominate the whole story. The main character has a disability. There was lots of sass, and a great heist.

        But of course that’s just my opinion. I think most people agree it’s the better series, but I have a seen just a couple reviews out there who disagree. I think it’s worth giving it a try anyway!

      3. I hope you do! I plan to buy them both in hard copy at some point, I’m just waiting for a good deal since I’ve already read them both.

  2. I think Six of Crows is the only one worth it for me. The best YA novel I’ve ever read! 😛 I haven’t even read the finale of the duology too, fear of it not being as good hahah I do look forward to the live-action adaptation of it all! I hope they don’t ruin it. 😮

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