Cosmere Book Tag

Happy Friday!

I found this book tag on done by Sam on Will Read For Booze and I just had to do it! I’m a huge fan of everything Brandon Sanderson. It was originally created by Shelby at Read and Find Out.

1. Elantris: Name a book where magic fails its people

city of stairs

2. Mistborn: Fave ragtag gang

harry ron hermioneWho else?

3. Warbreaker: Interesting family dynamic

gone girl

4. Stormlight Archive: Longest book you’ve ever read and longest on your TBR

Longest book I’ve ever read at 1248 pages


Longest book on my TBR at 704 pages
the blood mirror

5. Alloy Era: Series continuation (prequel/sequel) you didn’t like as much as the original

the becoming of noah shaw
The Becoming of Noah Shaw is an absolute disappointed, especially compared to the original trilogy. The only good aspect of the Mara Dyer trilogy this book retains is Noah Shaw himself. That may be enough for some readers, but it wasn’t for me. I probably should have rated this novel two stars instead of three, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it since I enjoy Hodkin’s writing immensely.

6. White Sand: Underdog you root for

holesStanley Yelnats!

7. Arcanum Unbounded: fave anthology


I don’t really read anthologies, so I’ll have to go with the namesake of this question, Arcanum Unbounded 

8. Investiture: Coolest magic system

the black prism

9. Shadesmar: Book with alternate realms 

lion witch and the wardrobe



Interested in doing the Cosmere Tag? Do it then link it down below!


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