Disappointing Books of 2018

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and Boxing Day! Welcome to one of my favourite posts of the year: disappointing books. I didn’t hate of these per say, except the first book on the list, but I hyped for most of these and they let me down hard.

If you haven’t seen my best books of 2018, check it out here!

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all the little lights

The one word I would use to describe All the Little Lights is irresponsible. This is easily the worst book I read in 2018 and it’s the only book I rated one star.


from here to you

Everything about From Here to You is just annoying. The characters, plot, and romance are all cringe and eye roll worthy.


future home of the living god

Future Home of the Living God is a blatant rip off of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and offers absolutely nothing to the dystopian/speculative fiction genres or the feminism conversation.


the chalk man

The Chalk Man is a disappointing mystery that hardly focuses on the murder. Instead, it’s a novel about the main character’s life as a memoir.



Providence bit off more than it can chew by trying to be a mystery, romance, and science fiction novel all rolled into one, but, unfortunately, never expands adequately on any of them. Had Kepnes solely focused on the mystery and romance, I think the novel would have been more successful.


whistle in the dark

Whistle in the Dark is a slow burning mystery where the mystery is an afterthought. The synopsis of this book intrigued me, which is why I requested it on Netgalley. Unfortunately, Whistle in the Dark is an incredibly slow moving, boring mystery that doesn’t deliver.


kings of the wild

Kings of the Wyld is a rock and roll kind of fantasy novel (see Eames playlist) that just didn’t work for me. I loved the characters, but not much else.


Find you in the dark

Find You in The Dark has an interesting premise that fails to deliver. If you’re an avid reader of thriller/mystery novels, you will most likely find this novel underwhelming.


cracked Kingdom

I think I might have outgrown these novels because I found Cracked Kingdom to be tedious, annoying, and problematic.


a winter's promise

A Winter’s Promise has the potential to be an incredible beginning to a fantasy series, but falls flat in it choice to uphold a misogynistic culture without check or balance.

Sorry if you enjoyed any of these, but they just weren’t for me. Did any of these books make your disappointing books of 2018? Let me know or link me to your post so I can check it out!

7 thoughts on “Disappointing Books of 2018

  1. I completely agree with you on A Winter’s Promise, although I think I disliked it for different reasons. I’ve read so many positive reviews of Providence, and even though you didn’t like it I’m still intrigued.

  2. The Chalk Man and Providence are both ones that were on my radar that I didn’t get to, so I’m not sorry to see them on this list. 🙂 Kings of the Wyld is one I suspect won’t work all that great for me, so again, not too sorry to see it here. They can’t all work for everyone!

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