Indigo Book Box: Cassandra Clare

Hey everyone! 

Queen of Air and Darkness is finally upon us! I have no chill when it comes to Cassandra Clare. I’m complete trash for Emma and Julian, so when I seen Indigo’ book box for Queen of Air and Darkness I ordered it immediately.
I mostly ordered it for the signed book, though it’s only a signed sticker, and the mug. Was it worth the 40$ price tag? Not really, but something as common as money doesn’t matter when it comes to this trilogy. 

My review of Queen of Air and Darkness is forthcoming! But it’s safe to say I LOVED it. Every torturous second of it.

**The box also came with a Shadowhunter Army tote bag. I think the logo is ugly and I’m not a fan of tote bags, so I didn’t take a picture of it.




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