Monthly Wrap-Up | August 2018

Welcome to my August wrap-up. Can you believe that August is done? This year is really flying by. Soon we’ll be bundling up as the snow falls wishing the sun would come back and warm us up.

Last month I read 9 books that were all pretty great! August was a great reading month for me.
If you haven’t seen, I’ve been posting book recommendation posts every two weeks. If you’re looking for recommendations or want to get an idea of the types of books within each genre I like to read, check them out!

Science Fiction

Also, I got married to my best friend! I’ll include a couple of pictures at the end if you’re interested.

So without further ado….

The first two books are the best books I read this month from two very different genres then the rest are in the order I read them. A lot of these reviews are scheduled to release later in the month, so the links I provided are to my reviews posted on Goodreads.


Best Books of the Month 1



Foundryside is exactly what I needed to fill the void after finishing Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft. Though, now, I have an even bigger hole to fill because Foundryside is everything you could want from a fantasy novel and more. Robert Jackson Bennett has created an expansive world and an innovative magic system with characters that brighten each page they’re on.



the simple wild


The Simple Wild is anything but simple as Calla discovers a new dimension of herself and what it means to forgive.







everything else 1



Becoming Rain is a thrilling and emotional romance between an undercover cop and her target. It’s the perfect read for those looking for something more with their romance novels.
5 star


Arm of the Sphinx in a fantastic sequel to easily one of the best books I’ve read all year. Arm of the Sphinx is not more of the same as Bancroft dives deep into his characters while also teasing out the mystery that is the tower.
5 star



Before She Sleeps features an interesting enough society that is, unfortunately, not expanded upon enough because the focus of the novel is on the characters’ reactions to the world rather than the world itself.
3 star



The Chase is a fantastic inclusion to the genre that offers something a little more to readers who are looking for a little more substance. With main characters that feel real, feminism and its difficulties, and unwanted sexual advances, The Chase offers a little more than what the genre usually offers.



The Prince is a FANTASTIC addition to the A Wicked trilogy. There’s so much more to explore within this world, so I couldn’t be happier that we’re getting more.
5 star


Sins of Empire is one fantasy novel not to be missed. Weighing in at 624 pages, Sins of Empire seems like a big commitment, but it’s not enough time with these compelling characters, fast paced plot, and explosive world that will leave readers gasping for more.
5 star


Leave No Trace is a beautiful depiction of the Boundary Waters, but leaves much to be desired when it comes to the connection between the characters.
3 and a half stars



Any Man is a realistic depiction of how sexual assault and its survivors are treated by reversing the gender to spotlight the changes we need to make as a society.
4.5 stars


How was your reading month? Let me know what your favourite read of the month was!



Here are my two favourite shots 🙂


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