Sweet Little Thing – Abbi Glines

sweet little thing

two star

Genre: Romance

The day her mother passed away, Beulah was only given a name. That was it. No other explanation.

Portia Van Allan was not someone Beulah could believe her mother ever knew. Wealthy, self-absorbed and other than the fact Portia was supplying special care for Beulah’s sister, Portia was cruel.

The day Portia’s son returns home for the summer, Beulah discovers that Portia isn’t in charge. This isn’t her home at all. Her late husband left her with nothing. It all belongs to their son who doesn’t seem to like his mother at all.

Jasper Van Allan doesn’t know why his mother has hired a young gorgeous blonde to take care of the house and almost lets her go before he finds out the truth.

Realizing there’s more to Beulah than a stunning face, he keeps finding reasons to be near her all the time. It’s all falling into place, it all begins to make sense . . . until the real lies, the dark secrets, and the skeletons come tumbling out of the Van Allan closet. Twisted truths that will send Beulah running . . .

Abbi, Abbi, Abbi. Can I call you Abbi? I feel like I can because I’ve read almost everything you’ve ever written. You promoted this book and the couple featured within as being better than Rush and Blair. A tall order to fill considering they’re your first couple when the New Adult genre was slowly gaining popularity, so I went into Sweet Little Thing with pretty high expectations.

Unfortunately, Sweet Little Thing is a cliché filled instalove romance typical of the infamous Abbi Glines formula.

Step one: introduce a young, innocent, naive woman who’s poor.
Step two: introduce a slightly older, experienced, wealthy man.
Step three: make the man be rude to the woman because he can’t fight his attraction to her.
Step four: instalove and sex

This formula is used in almost all her books with a few variations to motives. It works until you’ve read the same story over and over with just the names of the characters changing.

Jasper and Beulah are as bland as they come. They lack any distinguishing personalities, have no chemistry, and embody the most ridiculous clichés the romance genre has to offer. Also, what kind of name is Beulah? It must have some sort of significance to Glines because it’s awful and hard to take seriously.

Also, Glines’ choice to only release this series with Apple Books, in my opinion, is a mistake. I understand her reasoning for it, but alienating readers who do not use iBooks (as from my understanding many do not) was not a smart choice. This choice coupled with the lazy writing is particularly frustrating for those who do not use iBooks. How many sales has she lost? I guess not as much as Apple is paying her write, which is probably why the story isn’t well written.

Overall, Sweet Little Thing misses the mark and to say it tops Rush and Blair is an insult to those books. I will NOT be continuing this series.

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