The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers #1) – Becky Chambers

the long way to a small angry planet

5 star

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Somewhere within our crowded sky, a crew of wormhole builders hops from planet to planet, on their way to the job of a lifetime. To the galaxy at large, humanity is a minor species, and one patched-up construction vessel is a mere speck on the starchart. This is an everyday sort of ship, just trying to get from here to there.

But all voyages leave their mark, and even the most ordinary of people have stories worth telling. A young Martian woman, hoping the vastness of space will put some distance between herself and the life she‘s left behind. An alien pilot, navigating life without her own kind. A pacifist captain, awaiting the return of a loved one at war.

Set against a backdrop of curious cultures and distant worlds, this episodic tale weaves together the adventures of nine eclectic characters, each on a journey of their own.

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet is absolute perfection on every level. The world building, character development, and writing all work in tandem to create a truly immersive and unique reading experience.

 If you’re looking for a character driven story set in an expansive Science Fiction setting than the first Wayfarers novel is for you. Usually good Science Fiction novels that feature an expansive and unique world complete with multiple cultures, species, prejudices, and histories usually take place over multiple novels with characters developing alongside. However, Chambers was able to accomplish that feat in a single 500-page novel. The world she created features multiple species that are almost all fleshed out and can be used as a catalyst for potential real world conversations about different cultures, races, and racism. It’s a very difficult line to balance, but Chambers straddles the line comfortably and with expertise.

 These characters are now some of my all time favourites. They’re all fleshed out completely as individuals as well as the respective cultures they hail from. Sissex and Ohan were easily my two favourites because they’re species were the most interesting. I wish Chambers would have dedicated a little more time to the Heretics, but it still works just as well.

 Overall, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet is an absolute wonder. It’s the perfect blend of a character driven novel and Science Fiction. Each aspect is balanced with care and precision. If you’re a fan of Science Fiction, I urge you to read this as soon as possible. If you’re a fan of well-developed characters and well-crafted worlds, I urge you to read this as soon as possible.

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