The Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4) – Brandon Sanderson


5 star

The Alloy of Law is a mystery crime thriller set in a fantasy world, making it very different from the original trilogy. So, if you’re going into this book expecting something similar, then you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.
The Alloy of Law can be read without reading the original trilogy, according to Brandon Sanderson himself. Would I recommend it? Absolutely not. What makes this book so good is the world building that is transferred from the previous books. There are little tidbits of information throughout that reference the original trilogy. These aren’t exactly important details, however they do add to the enjoyment of the overall story.

The Alloy of Law follows Wax, a former Lawman, as he’s dragged back into that lifestyle by his former partner, Wayne, when a band of robbers hits close to home. The story progresses as they attempt to identify and capture the leader of the band.
I’ve never read a mystery crime thriller with a fantasy setting before, so this was fun and exciting. I absolutely loved the original Mistborn trilogy, so being able to revisit this world is great, even if it’s in a very different form.

Overall, The Alloy of Law is a great novella that introduces an intriguing mystery, compelling new characters, and manages to expand on his original magic system in a logical direction. Notice how I wrote novellas? Yes, Brandon Sanderson thinks of these 325 page books as novellas. HA! He’s great.

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