The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon #3) -Dan Brown



The Lost Symbol is disappointing, boring, and disorienting at times. This book isn’t as interesting as its predecessors because Brown ventured away from the hidden mysteries to focus more on action.

The Lost Symbol has an intriguing premise. The freemasons and all their hidden messages and mysteries found in Washington D. C. However, Brown only focuses on a few mysteries that are stretched thin from the beginning of the novel to the end. I was looking forward to exploring different pieces of art and decoding hidden messages within them. That is featured within the book, however not nearly as much as the previous novels.
The few moments that are spent decoding mysteries are thrilling and kept me glued to the page, but they were too few.

The other characters aren’t that interesting. I found myself skimming through their chapters so that I could return to Robert as quickly as possible. Those characters’ opening chapters were slow, boring, and didn’t offer anything immediate to the story making it a chore to read.

Overall, The Lost Symbol is a huge disappointment. It didn’t feature hidden mysteries and decoding as prominently as it’s predecessors making it dull and boring.

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