Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur


3 star

Milk and Honey is an interesting collection of poems about hurt, healing, and feminism. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to connect to the message as fully as I’d wanted to. 

Rapu Kaur is a beautiful writer. Her verse is so poetically beautiful I found myself highlighting many sections that spoke to me. Some were powerful: 

“Bloom beautifully



Bloom softly

However you need just bloom

Some reminded me of my own relationship: 

Nothing is safer than the sound of you reading out loud to me 

And some were empowering:

When you are broken and he has left you do not question whether you were enough the power was you were so enough he was not able to carry it 

Despite finding so many quotes that resonated with me, I couldn’t connect with the work as a whole, which is why I rated it three stars. I bought my copy for my Kobo and I had issue after issue. The file would constantly freeze and the poems were broken up where they shouldn’t have been. This may have contributed to my inability to connect. If I find a cheap physical copy, I’ll reread it and probably change my review.

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