Sex Love Repeat – Alessandra Torre


Sex. Repeat. Should have been the title of this novel. This novel is a missed opportunity filled with gratuitous sex scenes and glimpses of a good novel hidden beneath. 

This novel is gratuitous sex after gratuitous sex scene in lieu of relationship/character development. Instead of fleshing out a true love triangle the author chose to drop the reader in the middle of the story without giving sufficient backstory in order to connect with each of the love interests. Thereby making the writing lazy and sloppy. 

What I disliked most about this novel was the amount of justification for her lifestyle the main character gives directly to he reader. It’s as if she was trying to persuade someone who wholly believes in monogamy. At about 36% through the story, she was still justifying her actions and continued to do so until the end. 

I felt no connection or spark between the main character and each of the love interests. I had no preference for who she ended up with, thus making this novel something to read to pass the time. 

Overall, Sex Love Repeat is a missed opportunity hidden beneath gratuitous sex scenes and little character development.

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